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Guild name: The Seventh Vanguard

By the order of King Varian Wrynn, a select group of the 7th Legion have been sent to Pandaria as a strike force after the horrific atrocity's with the Horde. The Seventh Vanguard is a unit of elite soldiers made up of top Alliance members from the 7th Legion at the request of Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Our job is to retake territory in this dark time of war and to protect any Alliance settlements and strongholds standing in Pandaria.

The Seventh Vanguard is lead by the Marshal who acts as Leader and as the voice of the High Commander of the 7th Legion. The Vanguard is lead by a Council, The Marshal, The Admirals, And the Three General's of the Vanguard forces.
The Marshal has issued that there be the following groups to help make the Vanguard stay organized.

Military sect: This sect is for those who would serve the Vanguard as infantry, cavalry, or ranged support. Lead by The Field Commander.

Clerical sect: The heart of the Vanguard, often found on the back lines, healing the wounded, and blessing the soldiers. Lead by The High Cleric.

Caster sect: Filled with scholars and magi, serving as deadly ranged support for the Vanguard. Lead by The Archmage.

Covert Ops Sect: Filled with members of SI:7 as well as trained rogues and Hunters These men and women are responsible for The 7th Intel and assassinations if ever needed. Lead By Lord Mordren Makarov.

All sects act as one and obey as one.

Allowed races: All
Allowed classes: All

RP Home: As of 5.1 are RP base will be lions landing in Pandaria.
The Seventh Vanguard is primarily a role-playing guild centered around the 7th Legion.

The Seventh Vanguard is level 21 now, still growing and we are looking for people who would like to join up and help to make this guild all it can be. All we ask is that you come wanting to be a good RPer and have MRP or TRP2.

We accept all

All Council members should be 80 + please.
Open Council Members Positions:

Military - Field Commander Deronas Daerint
Naval - Admiral Baldrec Ashcroft
Caster - Archmage Bazern
Clergy - Eurydice Aphrodite Makarov
Covert Ops -Lord Mordren Makarov.

Guild ranks:
Admiral - GM
Marshal - Assist GM
Commissar - Officer of war
Naval Command - officer(2 ooc alts)
Lt. Commander - Sub-Officer
Ensign (1 ooc alt)

IC interviews will be given.

Our website: http://theseventhvanguard.shivtr.com/ (Please apply here.)

Please help us make this guild all it can be and become a part of the RP server community.
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