[H] The Prophets of War - Level 25 Guild.

At First Glance:
Guild Name: The Prophets of War
Guild Level: 25
Guild Type: Social & Leveling Guild (PvE , PvP & RP)
Website: www.TheProphetsOfWar.com

<The Prophets of War> Was created on (Nov. 7th, 2012) by Kekoaokalani with a mission to develop a Social & Respectful guild that consist of helpful individuals who enjoy the comfort of a family oriented guild. We are a guild with a very honorable sense of community, " We pride ourselves on having a Relaxed & Laid Back guild".

Guild Playstyle & Genre Focus:
-We are a "SOCIAL & LEVELING" Guild , Who participate in ( PVP , PVE & RP )
-PvP - Player Vs. Player
-PvE - Player Vs. Environment (Not currently RAIDING.) But we will someday get there.
-RP - Role Playing

RULES: Before joining the ranks of <PoW> There are a few simple & strict rules that must be followed at all times!

-There should absolutely be "ZERO" Swearing, Foul Language & Racial Slurs.
-"Intoxicated Speak" in Guild Chat & Vent will not be tolorated if not controlled & is subject to immediate removal from guild or removal from <PoW> with no warning!

-Guild Bank Abuse - We do not allow anyone to remove items for use outside of the guild. Guild Vault withdrawing will be monitored and you might be prompted to explain why you removed "Mana Potions if you have a Warrior" Etc. Just to state the obvious. Withdrawing items for alts in the guild is fine & okay, However , Your Alt "MUST" Be in the Guild <PoW>.

-Bullying - Will not be tolerated and is called for instant removal of the guild.

EXPECTATIONS: We expect our guild members to display these qualities.
-Be Respectful to everyone in the " World of Warcraft ". Guildies , Alliance & Fellow Horde players! Treat everyone with Respect , Honor & Courtesy!
-Have a positive attitude.
-Be Mature.
-Be helpful as best as you can to everyone, As it might reflect back to you when you need aid.
-Tea Bagging - Not a rule, However we would like to ask that you not Tea Bag anyone in game , Including Alliance players , as it is a very disgusting and inappropriate act & we would not like that type of image to reflect upon our guild. Thank you.
-Work well in groups.
-Most importantly " HAVE FUN! " as it is a game and we all like to play it to relax

-Ventrilo . 24 Hour Server.
-We have a guild website with forums. www.TheProphetsOfWar.com
-Riding Skill Compensation for Apprentice, Journeyman & Expert skill. (Rank Req. Member)
-Basic guild features: Bank tabs, Free Tabards, Free Gear Repairs.

EVENTS: Here are some of the events we wish to be doing frequently.
-World PvP, Non-Rated BG's with possible Rated BG's & Arena's in the future.
-PvE: 5Man Guild runs Reg & Heroic to help our guildies gear up, Possibly 10M Raids that will probably get thrown together just to try it out (Nothing Too Serious) as we, one day have enough members.
-Old Content Achievement & Smog gear farming. (Definitely going to be doing this a lot if others are willing.)
-We are an RP friendly guild. So we take part in RP events set by our RP Officer.

<The Prophets of War> Is not for everyone & a lot of people may have different opinions of what a guild is "Supposed to" Be like. Although we respect your opinions this is our guild & this is who we are, Who we aim to be & this is how we play our World of Warcraft. :D

For more information please visit our website at: www.TheProphetsOfWar.com
Wow, this is very nice to see. Best of luck in your recruiting!
Thank you very much Sir Stormreavér.
I greatly appreciate it.
I agree. It's wonderful to see a guild recruitment post like this. I wish you the best of luck in your recruiting. Please let us know how we can best help. If people are looking for a close-knit Horde RP guild, I have a new guild addition that I can direct them to!

I have to say that, Your resources helped me very much to envision which direction I wished to go in & set me on my way to achieving it. Such a great wealth of knowledge!

Thank you very much!

I have to say that, Your resources helped me very much to envision which direction I wished to go in & set me on my way to achieving it. Such a great wealth of knowledge!

Thank you very much!

I'm so glad that it was helpful! =) Please let us know if there are any other issues that you encounter that you'd like to talk over. Also, head on over to the Ravenholdt Sanctum (ravenholdt.us) and do some recruiting there. It's the server's RP website and a great place to get to know part of the RP community.
Wait, I missed the RP focus. I was just saying it was nice to see a pleasant Horde guild with some nice player ethics. You guys are an RP guild as well? If so, even better!
It could have been me who misread it. I was reading it on my phone in the car. In any case, if you are RP-focused, awesome! If not, still awesome and we wish you the best of luck.
We are in fact an "medium RP", I left that part out purposely however unsure if I should remind the citizens of Ravenholdt that we are indeed an RP server to begin with. I will edit that in there now, While were ahead! :D

So In a way, It is my fault for not adding it in there to begin with.

But to confirm, We are indeed an RP guild. My apologies.

Wonderful! Welcome aboard!
Great and thank you for clarifying!
Bump for what looks like an awesome, new horde RP guild.
11/11/2012 10:41 PMPosted by Oolaki
Bump for what looks like an awesome, new horde RP guild.

-Thank you Oolaki, I am very greatful!
Good luck with recruitment. :)
Thank you for the bump "Kiraleen & Kulfur" , As always! I greatly appreciate it!
Updated Guild Recruitment information.

We are now known as <The Prophets of War> via guild voted name change. For more information please visit our website at:::


Thank you.
The site looks great Kekoa! Thanks for setting that up!
It looks like things are going pretty well for this guild. *Bumps* for more RP!

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