Let me see your best transmog!

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I don't know what my theme is, purple i guess
This be how a troll druid should look mon
Easy smooth transmog from Wrath era. Good looking and not too flashy.
shock value
I love it guys, keep it up! I really like the amani and s9.
Arctic druid here decided to migrate south for the winter, its a tad to chilly in northrend this time of year!!
full fieldmarshal :)
I love me some druid transmog.
I'm sexy and I know it ....


Yea! I found mine at the darkmoon faire!
Trying to imitate a rogue. Kinda. :P My dagger I use for tmog ... can't use it atm cause im not using a dagger. But I have the heroic one from Firelands. :)
Not all of my pieces are transmogged but some of them are -- I like the two above me. Unique!
glimmering steel mantle
LFR helm out of dragon soul
onslaught chest/gloves/boots/legs
soulcleaver from BT.

just a lot of druidy stuff here. no central mog theme yet. working on the malorne helm though
I really like the t11 set, just want to find a better weapon
Embrace of the Lycan nostalgia lol
Druids aren't supposed to look cool, as evidence I would like to direct you to every tier set ever.

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