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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Illumination, Khaz'goroth.

We're on the Alliance on Khaz'goroth and are recruiting a number of Tanks, healers and ranged/melee DPS to bolster our 10 man group.

-About us-
Illumination is an Alliance end-game progression guild located on Oceanic Khaz'goroth server. Formed in mid-late of ICC progression in April 2010, we have got ourselves right back into the progression raiding quickly, with some noticeable achievements:

- Alliance first H LK 10, realm third, pre 4.0.1.
- Alliance first H LK 25, realm second, pre Cataclysm.
- Alliance first H Madness 10, realm second, 15% Nerf

We always look for smart, dedicated raiders who have a strong understanding of their classes, good raid awareness and able to perform at their top level. Everyone needs to do their own research to understand their roles, the mechanics of every boss fights in the raid where we are progressing and be able to adapt a vital role if needed. While we don't expect a first time clean execution but you are expected to make it worth an attempt.

-Raid time-
Monday - 8pm -> 11pm
Wednesday - 8pm -> 11pm
Thursday - 8pm -> 11pm

Note: Times listed as Server Time (GMT+10, GMT+11 during DST)

Due to the fact that we only raid 9 hrs/week, we try to make our raid as efficient as possible, to maximise our attempts on bosses. They include: Quick turn around time after wipe, no random AFKs, keeping DC to minimum. Invitations for raid will go out 15 minutes prior to start times. Early EP will reward for those who are on time. During the raid, there will be a 5 minute break for bio needs. We sometimes will need to sit people out in order to have an ideal raid composition especially for new bosses. Feel free to leave raid and do what you like but we do expect you to stay online on standby.

-Current progressions-

12/12 Throne of Thunder
02/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

-Recruitment needs-

**High demand*
Pally Heals
Druid heals

*Medium demand*
Other Ranged DPS

*Low demand*
Other Tanks
Other Healers
Other Melee DPS

Any exceptional applicants will be considered however.
More information is available in the Guild Information section of our guild website, but feel free to contact any of our officers in-game if you have any other questions.

GM: Azrael
Officers: Lucrezzia, Nexald
Battle Tag Azrael#1828
Email: illum.khaz@hotmail.com
Website: http://illumination-khaz.guildlaunch.com/
just comes down too a lack of recruits. ppl dont want to do 25man, rather the easier option with 10man

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