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Valgust Kapten Zadir Karistus, Kindral to Sõjalise Valguse :

As the 7th Legion approaches the shores of Pandaria, a cohort has been summoned to protect the Alliance explorers on the continent of Pandaria. This cohort is the Sõjalise Valguse!

We are here to protect our alliance brethren, track down any and all hostile enemies, protect the weak, and shelter the poor. If you ask for blood, then we shall paint the walls red! We fight to the death and haunt you thereafter, the unwavering might of the Alliance has arrived!

"Through the valleys and peaks of Mount Hyjal, across the shifting sands of Silithus, against the Legion's dread armies - we have fought. We are the nameless, faceless, sons and daughters of the Alliance. By the Light and by the might of the Alliance, the first strike belongs to us and the last strike is all that our enemies see.

We are 7th Legion."
-High Commander Halford Wyrmbane

*Reserved for later.
Player versus Player

Future RBG's
• Priests (Shadow and Discipline)
• Mage (Frost preferred)
• Rogues
• Druids (Feral and Restoration)
• Monks (Wind-walkers and Mist-weavers)
• Shaman (Enhance)
• Paladin (Holy)
• Death Knights (Blood and Frost)

We currently do not have an RBG team and are willing to use the Real-ID system to fill in empty spots but we will prefer to keep it in the family (Ravenholdt).

Actively seeking players of all levels and classes to join our ranks for guild bg's (not RBG), arena's, and duels.

World PvP
With every new expansion and patch released, world pvp slightly increases. With patch 5.1 AND the implementation of the Pandaren Campaign we seek to increase Alliance presence in World PvP. Serving mainly as a defensive guardian, we plan to help all Alliance players against overwhelming forces of Horde.

Does this mean we will play by the "red = dead" mindset? No.
Will we be pacifists? No.

Due to our RP tie to the Alliance's 7th Legion, we will fight alongside all alliance defensively.
As for the offensive pvp aspect and in an attempt to maintain the guardian style RP background, I have OOC assigned one of my officers to be the in guild strategic offensive coordinator. His job is to make sure our guild-members don't go gank/grief crazy.
Player versus Environment

Accepting players of all levels, classes, and specializations.

We do not plan guild dungeon runs but we are always willing to queue with guild-mates and pug some out-of-guild players.

Looking to form a core-raid group. We have geared DPS, Tanks, and healers but not enough time or shared free-time to commit to a raid.
* Sorry for the short post, I just made the decision to switch guild to RP-PVP. I am somewhat new to role-playing, and feel it will take me a few weeks (due to school and finals) to come up with a satisfying guild back-ground. Time to read through those warcraft novels and rummage through various warcraft lore sources.
Welcome to Ravenholdt, Valgus! It sounds fantastic to have a guild set up the way you're planning to set up yours :) We could definitely use a 7th Legion-esque thing on the Alliance side at the moment. Looking forward to great things! :)
This is great to hear, Zadir! Please let us know how we can help you out. As I've mentioned before, soliciting advice from the Sanctum community (ravenholdt.us) might be a good way to get some RP ideas for your guild.
Out of curiosity, what hours of the day, day/week, are the majority of your guild active?

Also /bump!
Not many active members at the moment, this wasnt meant to recruit people so I still have the usual 10-15 active players. My officers and I play almost all day long, as for the rest I would say... 1pm-9pm.

Edit: 4pm is peak.

I do plan on recruiting, and using the rp sanctum community, but I want to develop a rich backstory for the guild first. So that won't be for a couple of weeks.
Zadir, glad to have you. I do want to point out that many guilds on Ravenholdt are working towards having good OoC relationships despite any differences of IC policies. If you need help getting things going, or want to set up some RP to help establish your IC presence, we'll be more than happy to assist.
11/12/2012 06:45 AMPosted by Alorlien
I think much of the RP community would beg you to keep your RP off the sanctum we want it in a place where we can all view it!

Actually, Alorlien... I'm pretty sure that "much" of the RP community knows how to operate a web browser enough to read posts. Membership at the site does not confer any special access other than to PMs (makes sense) or to images or files uploaded as attachments (used very rarely).

If you'd like some help using this amazing feature of your browser, feel free to whisper me! :D
Good luck with your recruitment, and if you ever need any help with ideas or getting involved with roleplay, please make sure to use the resources in the roleplay community and the Sanctum as you see fit.

Welcome to the server, and good luck with your recruitment. :)
Bump for banana armor.
((Posting my personal light-rp background, still working on guild))

Not too long ago I was in Northwatch Hold gathering reports of hostile artillery nearby. As I precariously reassured the nearby marines that the enemy was not going to attack, a zeppelin was spotted in the distance. I picked up my scope and looked to the skies, beneath the hull was a giant spherical device I'd never seen before. As they drew closer to Theramore, I felt it was my duty to go and Investigate. I gathered a small group of marines and set of on our steeds Southbound towards Theramore.

We approached the marsh when suddenly a marine sped up and screamed in anger. I could not believe what was happening, the device was actually some sort of bomb. We all rushed to Theramore, only to find it in ruins. We drove off the imminent threat, then healed the injured. As I watched countless marines lose their lives I wondered what Varian might make of this. My cohort was always ordered to remain vigilant of the enemy, but to never attack first.

I wanted to charge head on towards the nearest horde outpost, but then I realized something. I did not want to become the atrocious belligerent fool who slaughters innocent beings who are only protecting their land.

I gathered my men and waited orders from Wyrmbane, there was word of a new land shrouded in mists. Varian was calling the might of the 7th Fleet to the shores of this new lands, it was now my duty to protect our heroes as they explore the new continent.
I liked the banana armor better.
I like it too but I've seen like 5+ other people mog it within the past week or two so I'm changing it up. Going to have a diff set in a week or two. AQ power rangers!

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