Small group of friends seek raiding guild

Friday / Saturday 6pm - 10pm server I will link armory of each person, but our comp is, warrior tank, pally tank / ret, resto druid, and destro lock. <---Warrior <---Pally / Prot <---Warlock <--- Druid

We also do rated BGs so if your guild is into pvp that's a plus. We all have 5/6 msv xp and 1/6 HoF. Message me ingame or respond to thread with questions.
I'm affliction*.
Are you guys set for that raiding schedule or is there any sort of flexibility? We have 4 friends looking to raid with a bit different schedule. We're looking at Sunday/Monday 9-12. Just throwing that out there...
Bump... also i have a ret set, 475ilvl :)

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