Hi, I just got Uplift and I have yet to figure out how to use it. Should I use Renewing Mists then Uplift and get rid of Soothing Mists? Or should I use Uplift only in dire situations when instant healing is needed?
Uplift is one of your AoE heals. It's not for single-target healing (that's what Soothing is for!). You should get in the habit of casting Renewing Mist on cooldown, so the entire group has the HoT, then if they take AoE damage, you can quickly cast Uplift to heal everyone in the party.
wish i could glyph it to be useful in pvp... maybe increase the healing and make it single target.
Renewing mist should almost always be used. It definitely helps. Soothing mist heals for diddly. Only real reason I use soothing mist is to get at enveloping mist or surging mist if the tank is dropping like a bag of bricks. Soothing mist also provides immature tanks with a security blanket. I've found spin kick heals for just as much as soothing mist ( if not more). Spinning kick also gives chi every time.

Uplift is AoE but if renewing mist is on your tank, it allows you to instantly heal the tank for a good amount without having surging mist active. Otherwise, it take at least a second to get past the global cooldown to do surging mist or enveloping mist.
11/10/2012 11:57 PMPosted by Mirica
Or should I use Uplift only in dire situations when instant healing is needed?

When I need instant, single target healing, I cash in on my Vital Mists 5 stack to toss a free, untargeted (with glyph) heal. If you need an AOE heal and Renewing Mists is rolling, then Uplift will be an instant AOE heal at the cost of 2 Chi.

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