[H] - 25 Man 4/6 - Heals and Dps

The Scattered Winds is looking for more fellow mature players (18+) to fill our 25 man raid team. Previous raiding experience is preferred and we are looking for members who can show up consistently and give it their best during raid times. If you are looking for a progression guild to tackle the bosses of Pandaria please feel free to leave a message, visit our website, look us up in the guild finder tool or just whisper any member in guild to get a hold of an officer.

2 Open Slots - Resto Shammy and Priest preferred

Ele/Enh Shaman
S Priest
Ret Pally

If you are a class that isn't listed, feel free to message me anyway and we can talk.

Raiding Times: EST
Tuesday - 8pm-11pm
Wednesday - 8pm-11pm
Thursday - 8pm-11pm

Previous raiding experience is highly preferred and keeping up to date on boss fights and mechanics is a must. If you would like to chat one on one with any questions, message me in game or send me mail. Thanks!
/bump for second team!
I'm thinking about transferring to Zul'jin. Do you guys need a dps warrior?
Hi Zuya, yes we do. My battletag is Belliun#1499 if you would like to chat.

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