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11/13/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Nuodai
and I usually hit mumble to tell my husband, "LOOK! People Rp'ing! I want to RP too! Let's RP!"

Lucky husband ...
When it comes to role-play - we're enacting to be someone we're not. And sometimes people like the freedom to be descriptive to entice their audience of fellow role-players.

I came from a forum based role-play environment. And I can honestly tell you that I take the major posts to whispers or blog it on Tumblr. I have difficulty being within a set environment with my character, because I know that the menial information is all that is necessary.
I love RP, But I hate waiting forever for someone to tell me they need to go, or about that drink there about to take.

I end up emoting something small or saying something before there done typing and it puts myself in an awkward position.
Sometimes I feel it is just to overly descriptive. Like as some said taking 3 posts to describe "I'm sitting down." But other times it's needed like when describing stuff that you can't see physically in-game.

For normal walk-ups, I don't think paragraphing would be the best bet. But for events and planned group RP, it's acceptable.
I do not mind the paragraph RPers out there because there are times when I do the same myself. However, it should be done with respect to other RPers around you. When I am in a tavern or crowded place, I usually never go over one paragraph or I take it to whispers because of that reason. But I am not going to bash another person's RP style, even though some of the extremely long ones I have seen are kind of well... crazy. :D I am the type that likes to watch the RP that goes on. Some can be interesting and some can be boring, it is all in how you do it.
11/12/2012 06:58 PMPosted by Ardrenn
I would like to hear what the server feels about paragraph roleplayers.

It can be frustrating. I don't mind it, because I don't feel I, personally, have any right to dictate how others roleplay. That said, I've had to put perfectly nice people on ignore in spots like the Lamb because I just... can't roleplay with others. :( My screen gets so inundated that I have no more scroll to see what my partner said in one paragraph or less. Within a minute I can lose everything someone said, because two people emoted 7 paragraphs each. That kind of roleplay definitely has just as much merit as any other kind, but it can be... er. Disruptive to others around them, definitely.

I just sprinkle /ignore and then take them off ignore when it seems like the furor of whatever is going on in roleplay has died down; I'm not going to tell someone else how they can have fun. Their style has just as much value in terms of roleplay as anyone else, in my opinion; if their partners are having fun, and they're having fun, then in my books they're doing it right.

I don't have to like it, or participate, if I don't like it.

Now, if someone in that situation got into a huff and was rude because they wanted to include me in roleplay but I'd not wanted to write in that style or engage that style, -then- I would get >:| and kitty would have claws. And by claws I mean diatribes.
Just throwing in my two cents.

In a setting like WoW we don't need 8 paragraphs in a public setting, (rp events, bars or well populated rp spots.) especially if it takes you 10+ minutes to post it. If you want to do such in-depth and time consuming rp start a private forum rp or go rp in a private location.

8 Paragraphs doesn't make you a good role player. Describing what your nose hair looked like as you sighed out your nose doesn't make you a good role player.

If you insist on doing this in a public setting, you probably shouldn't try to engage in anything important with anyone you don't know.. because I don't know about anyone else.. but I kinda don't like sitting at watching the screen waiting for something and having it take 3 hours to rp something that could have been done in 1 hour. Just saying..
I don't mind 2-3 paragraphs in most settings, especially if they're typed separately and not spam-posted all at once by certain chat mods. I usually limit my own posts to 2-3 paragraphs, and I'll often spill a few words over into a 2nd paragraph/emote post when there's something other than casual walk-up RP going on.

Any more than that, however, is fairly disruptive to other peoples' RP and should likely be taken to whispers.

My mind goes in particular to this one couple that used to stand around in Farstriders' Square or other popular RP locations. Each of them would post 4-6 paragraphs at a time, often coloured with entirely unnecessary descriptives and purple prose, and it was basically impossible for anyone else to RP in the immediate vicinity when they came around. Highly annoying.
I was invited once, to try "Paragraph Roleplay". I gave it a shot. 750 characters minimum for posts.

I didn't enjoy that (the twenty five minutes of quiet, then a seven segment post with too much to react to, and more still that I really couldn't do anything with) but I think the other player did. At the end of the two hour session, I thanked them for the invitation, and went on my way.

I could've enjoyed it on a chat messenger or forum, where such description could be justified to enhance the Roleplay environment. But in WoW, there are customized character avatars, the world around you, and Addons that keep your description always accessible, for what the game can't capture - and there is so much that can be done with twenty minutes that isn't waiting for posts.

My approach when writing Aurric, is that no phrase can vindicate itself if it doesn't contribute to something. Something to react to, something to decipher, maybe something to just think about - but it has to have a good reason for being there. I abide by that, and the only time I really do lengthy posts is during Healing Rp.
Personally I think 3 chat boxes should be the maximum... After 2 I am already losing interest in the post... There are certain circumstances that it is appropriate but... When I see 6 chat boxes full of something so dramatically detailed that could be condensed into "Bob looks at Jill.".... Well then it's kind of silly and sounds like you are trying to write a book... I understand you want to detail what is going on, but too much detail makes people lose interest and if you are a slow typer... Well people will probably think you Ninja AFK'd
Usually don't RP anymore, I used to, but here are my two cents/plague barrels.

I find that being succinct in writing is the best option. I don't mind if someone types a lot, so long as it has relevancy and substance to it. I don't think RP is just about "reading and writing", it's about quality reading and writing.

That being said, I don't care how long or short it is, so long as everything in there is necessary. I find it very unrealistic that someone would be able to literally type ten 6-line paragraphs of completely relevant, necessary detail.

Don't just ask yourself if you are including lots of detail, look at how the detail affects the flow of your actions in the eyes of the reader and see if it's needed or not.
I can't stand paragraph RP in-game unless it's someone setting a scene and thus is just at the beginning. I like paragraph RP in AIM, email, LJ, or chatroom settings, but in-game? Nooo.

Of course, overly descriptive posts get on my nerves, as does purple prose. I also don't care for those who try to use obscure words as a sort of vocabulary e-peen waving. If you say "piceous tresses" instead of "black hair" (I'll even accept 'raven' or 'midnight' instead of black if the color name is just too boring for you, they're still fairly normal), I will probably roll my eyes and odds are I'll stop paying attention to your RP if this sort of thing keeps up.

It shouldn't take an hour's worth of RP to shake hands or hug or walk across the room.

ETA: If you're RPing this way with someone else, whatever floats your boat-- it isn't my RP, so hey. I may /ignore you for the sake of my chatbox, but otherwise knock yourself out. :)
11/12/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Korellis
I prefer para for forum and IM RP, in game it's a bother. I've been rping with friends when para RPers arrive and flood my chat box with multipara posts and I loose my friends replies.


To me, para posting is fine in certain areas and with friends. If I'm RPing with only one or two other people, my posts will be long, and so will theirs! I may not be posting 5+ paragraphs, but what I'm posting makes me happy and proud of what I typed up.(I'm simple and dumb like that, sue me >>)

All I can really say to para posters out there is this; Thank you for taking 10 minutes to respond, because then I can alt tab and do other things while I wait. Also, I understand you love the quality of your typing as well, but as you can see on this thread, others are easily upset or frustrated when their - and their friends - posts are lost when you finish responding to your own friend.
Depends on the medium. I'm okay with a more than a few paragraphs long post in a forum rp, but anything beyond a couple in wow is tiring.
I really only use it for fights, and not even all my fights. If I don't know the person that well or at all, and they aren't using paragraphs for it, I try not to write out everything. Usually in that scenario, it caps anywhere from a few sentences to maybe 1 and a half posts (Yes, I do use the add-on. Sue me.).

It's mostly just something I reserve to using when I roleplay with other people I know that also use this style. Even then I usually don't break out 5-6 paragraphs like some of the people I do roleplay with and know that use this style of roleplaying.

Live and let live, you know?

And it doesn't ruin all roleplay, it makes some people mad, and some people (Such as myself.) don't care whether or not it is used. It can actually be pretty funny when someone who isn't a regular to our lovely Slaughtered Lamb comes and rps with one of the paragraph roleplayers gets mad because said paragrapher goes afk the post is so long. I do understand how that can be overkill to some people. I just find it funny.
Quality, not quantity.
11/13/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Snuffit
I think, in the end, it pretty much comes down to courtesy, doesn't it?

Actually no, it doesn't. The Terms of Use directly address this entire subject.

"B. Rules Related to "Chat" and Interaction With Other Users. Communicating in-game with other Users and Blizzard representatives, whether by text, voice or any other method, is an integral part of the Game and the Service and is referred to here as "Chat." When engaging in Chat, you may not: ...

(ii) Carry out any action with a disruptive effect, such as intentionally causing the Chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, can have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of Chat;"
"B. Rules Related to "Chat" and Interaction With Other Users. Communicating in-game with other Users and Blizzard representatives, whether by text, voice or any other method, is an integral part of the Game and the Service and is referred to here as "Chat." When engaging in Chat, you may not: ...

(ii) Carry out any action with a disruptive effect, such as intentionally causing the Chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, can have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of Chat;"

I don't think that counts in this situation as it's not intentionally disruptive.
Sure, things can reach a point where something becomes too much. But we're in a creative environment. Its no ones business to really put a cap on creativity, especially when everyone pays to be here.

And if the post is too long, not because its very creative and intricate, but because someone just says the same thing over and over, then just talk to them. Maybe they'd be receptive to advice. Most reasonable people are.

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