<Altera> 6/6 4/6 N

<Altera> 6/6 4/6 N

Altera 10man core progression team is looking for exceptional raid oriented players to join us as we start heroics.

Seeking the following classes:
- Warrior dps / prot offspec
- Pally Tank /Ret offspec

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Monday – 8:30 till 11:30.

Apply at
Please contact Beaver, Kaeless or Mercho or Nazgoul in game.
Bump for DPS Warrior / Spriest / Boomkin
Bump for good luck :)
Bump for Garalon down. Update this shizz Pavmeister
Grats on your kill, we finally killed him too, 2 heal :) yay!
bump for hungry thirsty holding back progression
11/21/2012 05:58 AMPosted by Kaenus
All new initiates will totally gain a !@#$% so long and majestic that it must be rolled up like a fire-hose to fit into their pants. Even the women. I promise.

^ True story.

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