The Guild of the Whispering Shadows (OOC)

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Hey every one this is Smaragd here, Blizz finally updated my toon into the Armory so I will post from her from now on to save any confusion.

Moving right along here, am I the only one who is seeming to "just miss " every one when I log in?

So I propose a set meeting time at least once a week. My realm time and real time are matched exactly so I am suggesting we meet once a week at around 5pm realm time.

Just a suggestion, let me know what works for you guys. :)
I have all day to play, but your guild is not the only one I am in or the only thig I am rping. I am on the west coast. So my time is Pacific.

You might want to list your ideas for the guild and maybe do some kind of recruitment thread? I will join you if you set a time I can relate to. I have no idea what the realm time on Ravenholdt is, as each realm is a bit different. Would make more sense to tell me what time zone you are in.
Hi i would very much be interested in joining but im only new to RP if thats cool add my real i.d please leave a message when you send notice
I will add you up next I log in :) would you be starting a new character on Ravenholdt or using your current (Thrix)?

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