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Is Your Hearts Desire is a Massive Level 25 Hybrid-PvE/PvP Social Leveling/Endgame Guild currently executing plans to get into a variety of endgame content. We have an on-line presence 24/7.

The entire guild is expected to adhere to the rules and code of conduct in our guild handbook aka "The Hitchhiker's Guide to <IYHD>". This guide is currently in version 3.1 which was published on 11-27-2012. It appears on the homepage of our guild website in PDF form with internal hyperlinks to the various sections of the document.

This post serves not only as a general guild recruitment thread, but we have faithfully reproduced this guild guide in its current form for public examination for those who may have an interest in our guild and exactly what we are about.

If you are curious what we are about feel free to read this detailed post which explains every facet about our guild and clearly spells everything out in black in white, or brown and beige if you will.

We currently accept only levels 10+ or 60+ for DKs, but there is no guarantee we may have a spot when you elect to join us. If no spot is available we will add you to a sequential waiting list and invite you when a spot opens up. We regularly run close to roster cap of 1000, sporting a variety of members online literally 24/7, numbering from 15-50+ online at a time.
Some of our notable items on the guild vendor include:
Reins of the Dark Phoenix
All varieties of Guild Shirts:
Officer's ShirtTailored Officer's ShirtArtisan Officer's Shirt
Dark Phoenix Hatchling
Reins of the Golden King
Armadillo Pup
All Heirloom Legs: Tattered Dreadmist Leggings
All Heirloom Helms: Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm
All Heirloom Capes: Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape
Guild Herald
Guild Page

If you are more curious about us please check our guild website:

Note: The Entire Site is PG-rated and Safe for Work and there is no content unsuitable for Minors Present there.

And if you would like to try us out:
Type: "/who Your Hearts"
Message any member in the level range of 50-90 or DKs 60+ for a direct guild invite.
If for some reason the roster was full when you tried to join,
Send a In-game mail to: Bankofamen
Put: "IYHD Waiting List" in the subject line and you will be added to a guild waiting list.

Thank you,

Guild Master Hellbound
Guild Website: www.TheForce10.com

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0. Original Post/Introduction:
1. The Philosophy Behind <IYHD>:
2. Basic Guild Code of Conduct:
3. Guild Ranking System:
4a. Guild Bank Policies Part 1/2:
4b. Guild Bank Policies Part 2/2:
5. Guild Inactivity Policy:
6. The Honor Code and Expectations for <IYHD> Officers:
7. Trade, General, and WoW Forum Rules of Engagement for
8. The Vision for the Guild:
9. Guild PvP and Rated Battlegrounds Teams:
10. Guild Challenge Mode Dungeon Teams:
11. Raiding Guidelines and Expectations:
12. A Brief Guide to our Guild Website:
13. Guild Perks Beyond the Level 25 In-game Mechanics:
14. In Conclusion:
15. Version Document Changes:
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1-The Philosophy Behind <IYHD>

The main philosophy behind the guild is acceptance of all who play the
game. Because ultimately this is a GAME. It is not something that should be
stressful or a thing that you log into only to face harassment or heckling from
your fellow guildies. As such we have a ZERO tolerance policy for drama
and behavior which violates the general mindset and thrust behind the guild.
We want the members of our guild to peacefully co-exist in a environment
where they can ask questions that will seriously be answered by guildies
regardless of whether the question is of an advanced or beginner level. This is
a guild not a va----: So we need no douches in here.

With that being said we are tolerant and accepting of all players. It does
not matter if you are Gay, Bi, Straight, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Black,
White, Brown, or polka-dot: what you believe in, what you do, or how you
appear in real life is not important. Everyone regardless of any of these
factors is a human being behind the keyboard and they should be treated as
such: with basic respect and courtesy that any person is deserving of. Taking
all of this into account: The Guild Will NOT Tolerate any racism, hatred,
abuse, or bigotry that involves any guild members. Frankly, if there are
reports of such behavior going on in trade or general chats, that will not be
tolerated as well.

In addition, we do not discriminate against those who suffer from
mental disorders or various social impediments. Discriminating against
people that are afflicted with mental or social disorders is no more correct
than being a bigot or racist. Many of these people are born this way and
cannot help the way they are. With that in mind, if your mental state or social
impediment prevents you from peacefully interacting with the IYHD
members, you will be asked to leave the guild.

The idea behind <IYHD> is to provide a great place for people to level
their characters in a friendly accepting environment that will make a good
home for you not just while you are leveling, but we will provide viable end
game experience options for you when you hit Level 90.

Currently, we have reached a point where we have enough 90's to begin
our end game options for the Guild Level 90s. As such in this new revision of
the Guild Handbook we have added 3 new sections to cover the end game
things we are now venturing into.

Remember, please be courteous and respectful to all players you
encounter in the game and please be especially this way towards other guild
members. This moralistic set of ideals is intended to be the backbone behind
the philosophy of <IYHD>.

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2-Basic Guild Code of Conduct

There are some basic rules all guildies are expected to follow. These
rules are:

1.)No spamming the guild.

2.)No Trolling the guild.

3.)No harassing other guild members.

4.)We have a guild bank with Free Access to all members with
corresponding tabs tied to rank and character level. You are welcome to
take out anything your character can use. For example: Trade-skill
mats, Armor to DE, Cooking Supplies, et al. If you are caught selling
guild items on the auction house or taking supplies you have no obvious
reason to use you may either be removed from guild or put on a
probationary membership. Courtesy is not just for chat interactions,
extend your courtesy in guild bank activities. Only take what you need
or use so that others may have access to items that they may need or

5.)No ERP-Erotic Role Play (aka text cybering) in guild chat. If you have
a desire to ERP please do not use guild chat to facilitate that activity. If
you are into ERP on occasion I suggest you download the add-on My
Role Play (MRP) and head to Goldshire.

6.)No randomly whispering guildies that are online bugging them about
ERP. This is an all-ages guild and contacting guild members privately
for ERP is completely and totally unacceptable.

7.)No drama of any sort will be tolerated. If you have a problem please
discreetly send a whisper to any officer, Asst GM, or myself. We will
help settle and moderate the dispute in a private manner that does not
involve a drama spectacle in voice or guild chat.

8.)Please act like a courteous player in your public dealings with others
outside the guild. If someone asks a question in general in a zone: Be a
example of kindness and answer the question seriously if you can. DO
NOT troll trade or general chats.

9.)Have Fun! This is a game, not a job or a torture chamber. I would like
all guildies to work on experiencing WoW in a positive manner that
leaves you with a great feeling that you had fun!

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3-Guild Ranking System

The guild ranking system is very straight forward and is based on level.
As you rank you will gain new bank tab access to items and materials that are
appropriate for that level bracket. Each of the 5 Member Ranks is directly
tied to a Free for All Guild Tab that allows 3-5 draws per day, depending on
which member tab. As you advance thru the levels and unlock more guild
free tabs you will retain your old access on previous tabs.

Here is a Breakdown of the Guild Ranks from the Top Down.

1.)Guild Master

2.)Assistant GM/Guild Master Alts


4.) Raiders

5.) Level 90 Members

6.) Level 85-89 Members

7.) Level 70-84 Members

8.) Level 50-69 Members

9.)Silence Rank (A holding area for those disruptive in guild chat.) In this
rank you can see guild chat but you can not speak in guild chat. The
150 gold daily guild repairs is turned off and you have Zero access to
the guild bank.

10.) Level 10-49 Members

Periodically, I will go through the ranks and give promotions to new
level brackets based on your in-game leveling activity. Keep in mind each
time you hit a new bracket you gain access to that brackets free for all tab.
Make sure to check this new tab for items you may be able to utilize.

If you feel you would be interested in a Officer Position. Send a ingame mail to BankofAmen. I will then arrange to talk with you in-game.
Positions needed are variable. IE Raid Leaders, Guild Chat Mods etc.

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4-Guild Bank Policies Part 1/2

Please feel free to donate any extra items you may have or items you
would like to share with your guildies in Tab 1. This is a Deposit Only tab
and the only tab members can put things into. This tab is regularly sorted into
the appropriate member level free tabs.

Since the creation of guild banks in the Burning Crusade Xpack, I have
witnessed the guild bank set up for many guilds. Most of the time the guild
leader ends up stockpiling a lot of expensive mats, its almost if they are
making an electron based trophy to show off to the guild and say to their
respective guilds: “Hey we are a rich and powerful guild. We are awesome!”

The sad reality behind these collections of gold and expensive items is
that most of the guildies will never use these items or even have access to
them. There is also usually an in-crowd bourgeoisie of close friends and
“good 'ol boys” that have access to these items. The unfortunate reality is that
their guilds at large will never be able to access these items for their own use.

To counter creating a 7 tab guild bank that no one will ever use but is a
great “virtual” trophy to others seeing a guild. We have a “Open Guild Bank
Policy”. We would like items to flow into the deposit tab and be sorted into
the appropriate free tabs as well as we have a system of bleeding excess gold
that the guild generates from Cash Flow and guild runs which generate
money for the guild. I will speak on this in a moment.

The Structure for our guild bank is as follows:

Guild Tab 1: Donate tab

Guild Tab 2: Free For All Levels 10-49 Tab A 5 Withdraws Per Day

Guild Tab 3: Free For All Levels 10-49 Tab B 5 Withdraws Per Day

Guild Tab 4: Free For All Levels 50-69 3 Withdraws Per Day

Guild Tab 5: Free For All Levels 70-84 3 Withdraws Per Day

Guild Tab 6: Free For All Levels 85-89 3 Withdraws Per Day

Guild Tab 7: Free For All Level 90s only 3 Withdraws Per Day

We recently converted our tabard tab into another 10-49 Member tab to
deal with the extreme amount of member donations we were receiving. If you
are of ANY Level and you would like a complimentary guild tabard, just
drop a in-game mail to: Bankofamen and put the Word: “Tabard” in the
subject line.

So in a nutshell the philosophy behind our guild bank is to utilize it to
share items with the entire guild in which items are stocked via player
donations or special stocking methods we use to bleed off excess gold from
the guild bank.

Continued Below

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Section 4-Guild Bank Policies Part 2/2

The balance of gold on a guild bank is important. I always scratch my
head when I see a guild with like 100Kg or more. How is stockpiling gold
benefiting the guild as a whole? With that in mind the IYHD system for
bleeding gold from the guild to benefit the entire guild is simple:

With our 150g daily repairs, in my GM experience I have found with
Cash Flow rank 2, the incoming coin deposits seem to effectively counter the
repair withdraws that guildies make using the yellow anvil. It is reasonable to
put our “Bleed Cap” @ 3000g.

What about IYHD gold beyond the “Bleed Cap?”

I used to run many contests to bleed off excess guild gold in some
previous guilds I have run. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight vision, in my
retrospective analysis I have come to a conclusion that though contests are
fun it has ultimately a negative impact and can be a source of drama and
frustration for the contestants that did not win. Another thing I have realized
is that those who win the contest generally have no increased feelings of
Loyalty to the guild by winning a substantial prize such as a Vial of the Sands
or a Chopper.

So, in the interests of not making the guild go through drama or make
guildies who compete in a contest feel badly. I have decided not to really run
any contests to “give back” to the guild gold that exceeds our 3000g “Bleed

Now, what we will do to get rid of excess accumulations of gold is to
withdraw a certain amount say 1000g, and take this money and buy useful
items off of the Auction House to restock the free for all member tabs. Any
unused balance will be redeposited into the guild bank. Should the balance
fall BELOW the 3000g bleed cap I will then deposit money out of my own
pocket to bring the guild back to 3000g for facilitating our repairs.

I think this is a excellent system to utilize accumulations of Guild Gold
and rather than benefiting one person who won a contest, it benefits the entire
guild as a whole.

Currently, we are saving up to purchase the 8th guild bank tab which we
will utilize to distribute raiding supplies to the Guild Members at the raider
rank. With our base bleed cap for repairs set to 3000g to cover repairs plus
the cost of the 8th tab being 20,000g. Until, the 8th tab is purchased our
effective Bleed Cap will be 23,000g.

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5-Guild Inactivity Policy

One of the things about <IYHD> is that we support a large membership
in our guild. This is a wonderful thing for a Social Based guild. It means that
we are able to have a lively guild chat and guild ventrilo. It means that we are
able to find guildies to dungeon and quest with. It basically facilitates the
interaction with other players. One of the beautiful things about an
MMORPG is playing with other players.

I have been playing WoW since Nov 2004 and have been a part of many guilds seen some good and some bad ones and part of my experience as a Guild Master was spent analyzing the good things that guilds did and the bad things that the guilds did. When I ran
my own guilds I did the same thing in hindsight with my own GM
experiences. I stopped the things that I viewed as bad practices and I
reinstated things that I viewed as positive practices. One of the things that are
necessary for a Large Social guild is an inactivity policy and a decent amount
of recruiting to keep the guild lively, vibrant, and active. As such our guild
has adopted a strict policy to remove players that fall under the inactive
category for logging into the guild.

The policy is as follows:

Guild Members Levels 10-84 and Dks 60-84 must log into the game once
every 14 days. If these guildies go 15 days offline they will be removed from
the guild.

Guild Members Levels 85-89 must log into the game once every 20 days. If
these guildies go 21 days offline, they will be removed from the guild.

Guild Members Level 90 and Officers/Officer Alts: Must Log into the game
once every 29 days. If these members go offline 30 or more days they will be
removed from the guild.

Keep in mind if you get removed from <IYHD> for inactivity all you do
when you come back is type: /who Your Hearts . In the list that pops up
message any member that is in the range of 50-90 or 60+ for Dks and you
can ask them for a direct invite back into the guild.

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6-The Honor Code and Expectations for IYHD Officers.

The Code I expect officers to engender and display with their behavior in-game both in and out of guild is a high one.

To be an officer I expect you to display a high level of maturity.

I expect you to have a good fair sense of right and wrong.

I would like you to be helpful to people in guild chat.

An Officer needs to have a good grounding sense of basic morality.

Being an Officer is voluntary and the reward is a sense of
accomplishment in keeping your position through actions and deeds that
exemplify a player and a person of a Higher Caliber.

There is a minimum age requirement for officers to be at least of the
Age 16 IRL. But realize that age is just a number. If you are older than 16
and you act very immature, rest assured you will not maintain your officer
position for very long.

If you wish to be an officer please mail: Bankofamen. State briefly what
you would like to do as an Officer: IE Raid lead, help players do transmog
runs, be a RBG leader et al. Basically, in the introductory in-game letter I
would like a short statement about what you would like to do as an Officer. I
will let you know in a correspondence saying that I am or I am not interested
in having that position for the guild now. Or if I feel that your “duties”
defined in your letter make sense for the advancement and positive benefit of
the guild as a whole I will respond asking to set up a in-game or voice comm

Realize being an officer is sometimes a thankless job that involves
additional work. Some players enjoy being an officer. In this guild, being an
officer must be backed up with duties you perform. I will not tolerate people
being an officer just for the sake of wanting that rank, yet they have no duties
or clearly defined officer roles.

As an officer you are not only expected to moderate guild chat,
upholding the basic guild code of conduct, while manifesting the code of
conduct in yourself, you are also expected to adequately fulfill your chosen
role you have volunteered for.

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7-Trade, General, and WoW Forum Rules of Engagement for dealing with Trolls

If you witness a troll or general douche player talking smack about the guild
as a whole, myself, or generally anyone in <IYHD> Please note the
following Rule of Engagement:

Say Nothing.

That's right, I want you to just turn the other check and don't say a word.
Most trolls are attention seekers. They will say things in trade or general chat
in order to try and garner negative attention from another player. This need to
acquire attention through negativity usually reflects a psychologically warped
person that is not worth arguing with anyway.

So if someone says: “You guys are all worthless losers in Heart's Desire" in

Do this:

Say Nothing.

A war with words is just that. A war. It takes two people to have a fight. If
someone says something about the guild that incites a reaction from you,
resist the urge to say anything back. The idea is to fight fire with water.
Instead of engaging in a public argument with someone who is a warped
negative attention seeking individual, just ignore the comment. They will
usually move on to another topic or target in order to get the negative
attention they seek.

So in a nutshell: The Trade and General Chat Rules of Engagement for
dealing with trolls is simple:

Say Nothing.

For WoW Forum Trolls, the same rules apply. Do not quote them, do not
engage them. Please take the time to report the post, carefully stating the
reason why the post is inappropriate. You may also want to email blizzard @
wowreportedpost@blizzard.com be sure to include the link to the offending
post etc. Usually, email reports get faster responses than just using the
reporting feature.

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8-The Vision for the Guild

The ultimate vision for the guild is to have a massive community of
active players who are bound by rules and guidelines found in this <IYHD>
handbook. This will enable the guild to be social both in-game and on voice

It will enable you to ask questions and get a serious answer
and not be ignored. Keep in mind when you ask a question, try asking it at
least 2 or 3 times. With a active guild chat it's not far from the realm of
possibility to have for example 35 online, and you ask a question in-game
that only 3 out of 35 know the answer to. One of those 3 could be tabbed out,
another of the three could have missed reading the question because of guild
chat activity, and the third that would know the answer could be AFK. So in
this scenario if you asked a question and it went unanswered that would be
why. So try asking it again. Or better yet be resourceful and do some of your
own research on a WoW Fansite. One of my most favorite resources is
www.wowhead.com .

So besides providing an awesome and friendly guild environs accepting
off all people and players, I would like to see a guild community develop that
runs dungeons together, helps players out, and develops a sense of
camaraderie with other guildies and a strong sense of loyalty to the guild.

As some of the lower level members move up in the ranks we will have
more and more guild 90s. We are now at the point where we are starting the
end game guild activities while still allowing lower levels to join the guild as
members to level in with Level 25 in-game perks based on mechanics and
guild policies.

The type of end game content we are doing or currently preparing to do are: Guild Scenarios, Guild Heroics and Regular Dungeons, Guild PvP (group queing and RBGS), Guild Raid Teams,
and Elite Guild Dungeon groups that try to win medals from the Challenge
Mode Dungeons.

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9-Guild PvP and Rated Battleground Teams

Our Lead Officer in charge of PvP and RBGs is Jëbus (E is Alt-Code 137)

In order to run Guild RBGs, we expect you to be in a full set of current honor
season gear or better. The PvP officers will be setting up random BG's for the guild to
attend and collect honor points to help acquire and upgrade their current set of honor
gear. Feel free to partner with some guildies and run some 2s or 3s to get conquest points
for the week.

For Jëbus' RBG team, he is currently in need of DPS, two healers, and a PvP tank
with a dps Off-spec.

One of the main rules for the guild PvP teams is in-line with our guild vision and
code of conduct: We are here to help each other progress and a POSITIVE attitude is a
must! Teamwork is also a requirement. Please do not argue or belittle your teammates
and listen closely the the RBG leader in ventrilo.

In response to the formation of a PvP division in the guild, we have added a
extensive PvP Guide Section to our guild website @ www.TheForce10.com . Be sure to
check it out!

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10-Guild Challenge Mode Dungeon Teams

We currently have two officers that will be leading Challenge Mode Dungeon
Teams for the guild. If you wish to join these teams please send a in-game mail to:


The officers will contact you regarding times etc for the various runs.

Ideally you would want an item level in every slot of at least 463. Any items
beyond 463 are normalized so there really is no advantage to having gear beyond that. It
doesn't hurt of course, but make sure when you attempt challenge mode dungeons you
have a min ilvl of 463 in every slot.

There are many personal rewards that can be gathered from a Challenge mode
team: such as pets, special transmog armor sets, and exclusive titles. It is basically like a
heroic except that it is timed and all gear is normalized for all participants.

The main requirement is that you must be able to log into ventrilo and listen to the
directions from each individual challenge mode leader. Many times, the success or
failure to achieve a particular medal or time is highly dependent on the co-ordination
and co-operation of the team doing the challenge mode dungeon.

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Good luck.

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11-Raiding Guidelines and Expectations

Raiding Requirements and Rules:

1.) Have the add on deadly boss mods installed and updated.

2.) Have ventrilo, A Working mic and speakers/headset. (If you don't have a mic. Get
one, they cost next to nothing and there needs to be full 2 way communications
capability for ALL Participants in a raid.)

3.) Initial Item Level Requirements: ilvl 460

4.) The raid leaders will be documenting your MS/OS in public/officer guild notes.

5.) There will be NO reserved items.

6.) The MS/OS that you list in your player profile will designate the priority you get
on an item that drops.

7.) Be prepared. IE: Fully repaired. Be fully gemmed/enchanted. Use the restroom
before raid times start. Be prepared IRL for raiding: for example try to minimize
Wife, Girlfriend, Kid aggro etc.

8.) Be on time for raids. There will be a start time listed on the calendar, show up 15
min PRIOR to that time.

9.) Be focused.

10.) Follow the directions of the Raid Leader and Co-Raid Leader. The Co-raid
leader will passout loot and flasks/ consumables etc. The raid leader will be
explaining fights in vent, doing ready checks, etc.

11.) The raid times are currently to be announced by each team leader. They will
be based on a poll of those within the guild. If raid times are held on a weekday
then the total time for the raid will not exceed a 2 hour block. If held on the
weekends it will most likely be a 3 hour block. Raid times will NOT be extended
on raid days. The stop times will be honored. WoW is a game. People have real
life responsibilities and RL trumps WoW.

12.) Any PUGs that join the raid will be expected to follow the same guidelines
and requirements in this section.

13.) Raiders at the “Raider” rank in guild will have 400g daily repairs over the
regular 150g repairs. And once we acquire it, we will be using the 8th
tab to distribute flasks/consumables among those on a raiding force.

14.) The head of the general guild raiding program is: Briarpatch. Not only will
he help other raid leaders coordinate and lead other raid teams of their own, but he
will be leading a team of his own.

15.) At the time of this writing there is one raid team forming up. The team's
times are TBA, to be determined by the consensus of those interested. Please send
a in-game mail to Briarpatch. Be sure to include in the email your raiding
availabilities across seven days and your MS/OS.

a.) Briarpatch- US Times, Evenings and/or Weekends.

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