No Background Downloader with Patch 5.1

Technical Support
As Patch 5.1 draws near, we want to provide you all with information on how the patch will become available once it’s gone live. While many of you have become accustomed to preparing for patch days by running the Background Downloader, due to some technical changes, Patch 5.1 will unfortunately not be utilizing this technology. These technical changes will also prevent us from releasing an updated standalone patch. Once the patch is live, you will need to update your game client using the standard World of Warcraft Launcher. We currently have plans for both options to return in future patches, possibly as early as the next major patch. We do greatly apologize for the inconvenience and should anything change, we’ll be sure to notify you immediately. For those not familiar with the Launcher download process, there are three stages:

  • 1. Setup (Red) Stage – During this initial stage, core game content is being prepared. You will not be able to enter the game until after this stage has completed. For Patch 5.1 the amount of red data is very small, which anybody who meets the minimum required connection speed should have little issue with.
  • 2. Available (Yellow) Stage – At this stage, major game content is not completely applied yet; however, you will be able to play the game. Your game experience may not be ideal if you play during this stage.
  • 3. Playable (Green) Stage – For this final stage, most of the game content is close to being completely downloaded. You can play the game but you may experience a few issues while playing at this stage.

  • Keep in mind that during the second and third stages you are streaming game data in the background if you opt to log in and play. Once these three processes have completed, you’ll be fully patched up and will no longer have to download anything in the background.
    Any timeline yet as to when? A generic idea of weeks or months even would be better than nothing.
    3-5 weeks from the looks of the PTR.
    11/14/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Brennvin
    due to some technical changes

    Would like to hear more about this.
    So does this mean the patch is coming out next week?
    Any info on the approximate size of the patch?
    I have a feeling this will fit nicely in the too-hard-basket, but I shall ask nonetheless :)

    I would love to be able to download an installation package for use on several machines. We have 4 machines running Warcraft at my place, and it pains me to have to repetetively download sometimes Gigabytes worth of data for each one. My ISP certainly loves me for it (give we have data caps here).

    Is there any possibility of rolling something like this out?
    IMO..and from being an IT guy, and working in the Banking world. You would never release a patch on a Holiday week. Most people would be on Vac, and you do not want to handle any issues with minimal staff. My guess would be the following week.
    Honestly lets be real the majority of us playing this game probably wouldn't understand the logistics of what is causing it to malfunction so asking Blizzard to be "forthright" with their reasoning is ludicrous. If it was something simple the fact of the matter is they probably would tell us. Also, just because they don't tell us right this second doesn't mean in a week or two they won't elaborate.

    So to all who complain how you pay all this money for a broken game, or they probably won't fix the bugs, take a real good look in the mirror...go ahead, I'll wait...there, did you see yourselves? Because that's the look of a whiner.

    You pay money for a spectacular game none of you could probably create. Maybe you can! But alas, you are not. Paying 15/mo doesn't make you dictator of wow, so stop getting down on Blizzard every time something happens. They told us what's up, so grow up and deal with it; stop stomping your feet on the ground swinging your fists in the air and throwing temper-tantrums.

    On the other hand, we've seen how Blizzard takes to....drum roll...CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ( <(*o*)> -OMG! ), so maybe try that. After all, it is said that one catches more bees with honey than with vinegar...
    A crazy thought about this though. With this being "broken" this is good news with people on ISP's that throttle p2p activity. With the background downloader not in use, ISP's can not in any way shape or form thottle WoW traffic anymore which means you will see much better Performance getting to the Blizzard Servers
    Why are you guys so negative, and critical? They do not have to tell us anything... They are choosing to inform us. Do you cable companies, or cell providers tell us when they make infrastructure changes?
    11/14/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Cyprux
    thanks for the warning!

    11/14/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Cyprux
    thanks for the warning!

    Quoted for truthiness.
    Why is the chaos bolt change not being reflected in the patch notes? Is the change being removed?
    Why are rogues only 2% of the top arena teams. These changes suck and blizzard does nothing to balance things out. kinda makes me wanna quit playing this game.
    Oh, wow. I'm disappointed. I hope that you guys get the pre-patcher working again. :)
    Will this patch be coming out this coming tuesday or the week after?

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