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that rep sucks if you lack the guild perks you can't hit exalted with them did all quests and everything and makes you miss 1 faction when you need them for the 60 exalted achieve.
You probably did something wrong or missed something. I am 999/1000 exalted on 3 toons and 1 didnt have the rep boost.
IIRC, doing the quest that rewards you the blue 404 weapon always sets your reputation to 999/1000.

I've never seen it fail to do so yet.

The Jinyu rep for Alliance works the same way. I'm fairly sure it is designed to do that.
after looking up the quests and their rewards - you can earn 41,900 rep with tke Forest Hozen. I don't know if we start out at 0, but it takes 42,000 rep to go from Neutral to Exalted.
I did all the quest on my priest and was only able to hit 20480/21000 into revered. Just finished their quest on my druid and I am sitting at 999/1000 exalted. I think it was bugged early on and maybe Blizz fixed it but didn't update the rep for people who did their quest when it was bugged.
Did you do the quest from the item dropped by the Captain with all the paratroopers? I got lucky cause I like killing anything with a gold or silver dragon portrait, but I know a lot of people that missed that one because they didn't bother with him. That's the only thing that I could think of that would cause that besides a bug. I can't remember if there are other drop quests.
Why do these reps even exist?
Your guild does not have the rep bonus.
Thank you Hatzul, didn't know about the Captain quest but just did it and still not exalted 20817/21000. My guild was only level 3 when I was leveling my priest.

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