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rofladine so good at dota i wish he would play in akma with me ^.^
WTB bracers from elite protectors pl0x heard its going to offspec and ilvl boosting
I would like to join this guild of irrelevance
You're way too irrelevant to be apart of the irrelevance that is Ascension
You meant " a part "

I missed being " Apart " from them though. Being called !@#$%^-*!@ in 15 different ways was always humorous

-Why is that blocked. Only steers and ______ come from Texas.
Nah I meant apart
Ouch... jeez come on Tashy i never did anything to you ever

Lets play a game

Its called invite Releaseme to the guild when he gets his name back after someone stole it and hurt him deeply
02/08/2013 02:05 AMPosted by Toxinshot

Enough said
Bump for updating guild website info.

Also responding to trolls makes us look smart.... o wait nvm it does the complete opposite.
Oh but I thought being a !@#*wit and trolling people was the cool thing to do?

I thought of what to say, but there are no short list of words to describe the situation.

But a troll Bubbles?

If you wanted to offend me... Critical strike
WTB mistweaver
lol plinkin rather quit then play with you guys
I would quit too if my guild disbanded on Spirit Kings.
almost happened

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