<Nightshift> 10 man 6/6H MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToS

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<Nightshift> is a 10 man heroic raiding guild. We are newly reformed and recruiting for core spots for our raid team. Every one of our members has the potential to be in a top 25 US Guild and most have been there before. This guild is intended for people who want to down Heroic content as fast as possible and strive for high rankings while only raiding 3 days a week. We created this guild with the goal of being the best US 10 man guild to have a 3 day raid schedule and we will settle for nothing less.

We are currently recruiting 1 Exceptional healer(Druid or Monk Preferred) & 1 Tank(Paladin, Death Knight or Guardian Druid)who is capable of playing all 3 specs for a core spot in our 10 man roster. Remember no matter what class we are recruiting we encourage all exceptional players of all classes to apply.

Raid times are Tuesday - Thursday 8:30pm - 12:30am Est. We might add a day or two(Sunday/Monday) during progression.

If you fit this quota and want to apply please visit us @ Nightshiftguild.enjin.com and click Apply. All application are kept private and can only be seen by raiders in the guild and I. You can also contact me or Wrutanks in game if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time.
Needs more cowbell.
Bump for good times.
Oh, Ahoy.
Oh hai! :D

No one is safe!
Nightshift is a guild full of ninjas.

I was doing a quest and Vnem was like yo bro sup let me help you and I was like ok and then this sick ilvl 417 agi staff dropped and he rolled need on it and sold it for like 18gold.

Messed up.
and Wru encouraged it
True story
lol sup Ubar!
^ oh noes my trolling character revealed! :O
So were you trolling me when you said "sup"?

I don't know what to believe now. Everything's a lie....
Bump. Need good players!
seriously guys, this isn't nightshift, it's bloody late eveningshift at best.
+1 Nivv
10/30/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Opulus
+1 Nivv

lol dis guy

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