[BUG] In Battles Shadow Daily.

Bug Report
In Townlong Steppes for the August Celestials Dailies I am unable to access this quest. I do all my dailies with another person and this is the third time where they have access to the quest In Battles Shadow and I do not.

I currently am granted
- The Siege Swells
- The Big Guns
- The Overwhelming Swarm

I have tried relogging to see if that would help but unfortunately it did not. Please fix. The only other thread on this topic on official forums was in Customer Support. Here is the link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6893719338

We have someone with this issue too. Unable to share the quest as they aren't eligible.

It seems that when the person deletes the quest A Celestial Task (getting revered with golden lotus from shrine) they are then unable to pick it up again and it makes them ineligible for this daily. We have tried logging an alt with A Celestial TAsk and trying to share with them. It says not eligible.
As am i having same issue.

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