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Wyrmrest Accord
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Metric System - LGBT Friendly Raiding

Players who join Metric System can expect to be part of a casually serious environment that will make steady progress through heroic modes on a two day schedule. The officer team has much heroic raiding experience, as well as years of leadership experience.

Metric System was started primarily by a small group of friends with the intent of creating a cohesive, accepting, and engaging environment to enjoy the game in. We are not, nor will we ever be, a hardcore raiding guild. We are a casual, yet serious guild that will raid with the intent of progression. We will stay current with any new released content and recruit to fulfill our roster accordingly. We are a casual raiding guild and we are not striving for player firsts; we’re striving to have fun. Bigotry will not be tolerated.

We pride ourselves on being open minded.

We are on a roleplaying server and while we are not a roleplaying guild per-se, we do have several roleplayers who play and they will be supported in their endeavors. Same goes with players who prefer PVP – it is not our focus, but we will strive to be a supportive environment for that type of player as well. For more detailed rules on the policies of the guild, please read the guild rules in detail.

Jade Team - 3/6 H-MV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 Terrace:
Wednesday/Thursday 6:30PM-9:30-10:00PM Server Time (PST)
-- Currently recruiting 1 skilled healer/dps (part-time spot).

Ivory Team - 6/6 MV, 2/6 HoF:
Tuesday/Thursday 6:00PM-9:00/9:30PM Server Time (PST)

We are always willing to accept social ranks, but they must also fill out an application (differs from a raider application).

We are also opening recruitment for guild RBGs. All roles needed.

How to Apply:
Go to our website and make an account - using the apply button located under the "Recruitment" tab, access and complete the application. Regardless of a social or raider rank, this is required to ensure we're getting people who fit in the guild.

All new members will be put under a trial period of at least two weeks. The trial may be longer, depending on the circumstances. Social members and raiders are subject to trial.

Website: http://metricsystem-wra.com
Guild Leader: Kulu (Battletag: Tyler#1181)
Officers: Syrrinx, Shengkai
Need four more to round out the second raid team. :-)
*bumps toward the top*
Donde estan mis pantalones.
We have cookies...>.>
Heya guys! I poked around on your website a bit. Nice site, looks like you guys have an awesome thing going there, and I like the mission statement. I just want to wish you well from the blue side!
Thanks Juan. Always glad to have you and CoS as friends on blue. :-)
Hi Elegon. >.>
Hi! :D
Hello Wyrmrest! Joined the guild recently and everyone is friendly and awesome so far! We'd love to round out the second raid team and get going as soon as possible, whisper me for any questions!
I am posting all up in your thread.
Post on me, next! :D
Don't tempt me, I might just do that ;). I miss you <3.
Troll justice.
...We're still looking for Dysith's pants...

But we DO have cookies.
He didn't lose them.

He took them off for a fancy elf-show!
That is one sexy troll. Hey baby.

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