✄ Jess' 1-525/600 Profession Kits! ✄


Now selling ENCHANTING kits!

How much for your enchanting kits? Let me know etc.
I'll take a 1-600 inscription kit for 7k
I would like to buy a 1-600 inscription kit as well please.
I have 2 inscription kits on hand, if you guys want send me an mail in game on "Jess"

Free of orders atm, & offering bundles at a reduced price.
Do you have an alchemy or enchanting or jewelcrafting set in stock and could you tell me the costs for each, cheers
im looking for JC 400-600 how much would that cost me?
I want a 1-600 BS Kit.

Let me know price and when you can get it to me Jess.

Thank you.
WTB 350-600 JC set, Sargeras - Alliance, How much?
Is this still active? I'd like to know some info on Eng or Lw kits.
No Tailoring?? :(( !

Back & WTS more profession kits =)
Leave a msg here or add me via battletag for more infos.
Is this still active? I'd like to know some info on Eng or Lw kits.
Wanting to buy a Blacksmith kit on Sargeras Alliance! Would that be possible? :D
WTB Alchemy kit; 1-525 or 1-600 can I get a price check on both please? :^)
hello i would be interested in this product, i am currently trying to level Engineering/Blacksmithing i am usually on my rogue how happens to be in blackrock and my Toon name is Staaby. Thank you for you help
I've tried to contact you in game. And I've yet to hear from you. Is this still something that you are doing? If so message me. Thanks
WTB LW kit
1-600 engi kit.


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