The Deadtalker Cipher (Shado-Pan daily)

Has anyone seen the deadtalker cipher become available for a daily on RH? From what I recall, I've been doing the dailies each day and have not seen it yet.

Exalted Shado-pan last week (Nov 2), finished credit for all three Blackguard tanks for Getting Around with the Shado-Pan today.
Have had Blackguard hub 17 times now (16 for full credit of getting around with the shado-pan as Protector Yi didn't give me credit 1 day and took a 4th day, +1 for credit with loner and a rebel), and have never seen this daily even once, nor have any guildies seen it.

I'm on Ravenholdt.

Looking on wowhead and people have comments talking about doing the quest as little as 2 days ago, no comments on it not appearing once yet...

So it may be a server specific thing? Or it may be we have an absolutely terribly RNG.
Glorious day. Dreadtalker Cipher was up today for the first time on the 18th instance of this hub.
I do dailies religiously and I have yet to see this daily appear since January. I am exalted with Shado-Pan 2x over already and the only thing i can think of is if its tied into the Quest in the zone. Cause I have never gotten it.

Now that was on Durotan and now I am on Stormrage... Still no daily.
I've searched Wowhead and found nothing helpful there. It seems the quest just dropped off the map.

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