[H] <Axiom> - Late Night 10m recruiting

Axiom is a 10 man based Horde raiding guild. We are created with the high ambitions of progressing through Mists of Pandaria very quickly. Our founding members were in a top 250 US guild in April 2010, later going their separate ways and now coming back together to create Axiom. Our recruitment goals are not only to find exceptionally skilled players, but to also find persons with similar personalities to ensure a solid fit. While doing 10man raiding, it is often common to become closer with your fellow raiders compared to 25man raiding. We have spent years, literally speaking, trying to find a guild that was as enjoyable and fun, as it was successful. Unfortunately we did not succeed when it came to 25man, while in 10mans some of our best times on WoW happened. With the introduction to equal gear between 10 and 25man raiding, this is the perfect opportunity to build that idealistic guild of our own.

Current raid times will be set at 11:30pm-2:30am server time T/W/Th.

We are actively seeking the following classes.

-Prot Warrior or Pally
-Feral Druid (Tank)
-Monk Healer

If interested please contact myself, Noumena or Dystinct in game or check out our website at http://www.axiom-guild.net/
still looking
Are you accepting ret pallies that do 50k on Elegon? If so I may be interested.
Bump from canto fish
To the top ^
bumpin for those tanks ;)

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