Anyone from Sydney?

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Near Balmain.
Lalor Park (near Seven Hills)
Eastern Subs for the win
Northern Beachs here..
Western Suburbs! D: Its awful here....
I live in Strathfield with two other guildmates. Not even asians.
Campsie - been all around Sydney over the years though ;)
Yep living in greenacre next to bankstown. :)
Mt Druitt here
from sydney parramatta any1 want to talk your welcome
Central Coast, a little ways north of Sydney.
Potts Point!
Central Coast - Woy Woy up in dis
I am so hoping somebody from my old guild ("Soulforged": Destromath) posts in here. I miss those guys.
Eastern beaches here (Clovelly)

Any Sydney PvPers out there? LFM RBGs!
Carlingford here :o

01/18/2013 02:22 AMPosted by Acoustic
Any Sydney PvPers out there? LFM RBGs!

Hello i am pvp

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