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11/06/2012 02:57 AMPosted by Sugafree
This is a grind expansion wether we like it or not. This company made it like this to make it seem like theres a crap load of things to do all the time lol. And leveling to 90 is taking longer than than it should. This isn't Vanilla anymore. This game has been out many many years. And like technology leveling should advance forward. I shouldn't take weeks of questing to hit 90, I mean afterall this is 2012. Make leveling 100% faster and make the daily grinds 100% less. I guarantee you it will make millions of people much happier.

It took me 17 hours to hit 90 and others even less...hate to sound elitist, but you're doing something very very wrong.

What do you mean technology should advance? It definitely has in terms of questing. There are phased quests, vehicle quests, epic cutscenes that weren't there in Vanilla and BC and have since evolved even from Cata. If I had to bet, you're a wrath baby, right?

Leveling is part of the game, you can go play Guild wars 2 if you don't enjoy questing and want endgame immediately. Instant level cap for pvp.

I enjoy the grind, so it would not make me happier.

It took me 17 hours to hit 90 and others even less...hate to sound elitist, but you're doing something very very wrong.

My thoughts exactly. Sure the grind to 90 is longer than it was to 85 but it's still not bad. If you put in 2 hours a day you can knock it out in a week or less.
I have nothing against more than one method of farming coins either, but these people that claim it is mandatory are living on a different planet. It is only mandatory if you are in a top 100 guild. A 15000 ranked guild is not going to force you to do dailys, if they do they are what I would consider bad at this game and looking for a crutch. I did all the dailys every day up till at least revered and have no complaints. I chose to do the optional content and it got me a little extra gear boost.

The only complaint I have with this comment is.

Top 100 guilds are usually the better players who push the content the fastest so in theory with the same gear they will be able to do the same content that an average Joe could do.
So dont you think if anything its even more necessary for the average Joe / 1500th ranked guild player to get better gear so they have the same chance of progressing?

I get there is no pressure as well you aint going for world firsts or what not. But regardless of where you / your guild is on the tree of Content killed how can people say that Valor gear isnt needed? If anything if you are casual in a casual guild you NEED it more ! :)

I could be wrong. But thats how I have always seen it. Casual guilds get raids done slower because they get gear slower via VP / LFR etc etc so this change in rep / VP just makes it even slower for casual guilds to get off the ground and if anything has no consequence to raiding guilds. Most VP gear becomes bad once they have downed a few bosses in the raids doesnt it? From memory VP gear isnt that great compared to Raid gear..
Well I do agree that average guilds do need more gear to progress, but LFR gear is more than sufficient. I'd say I'm in a pretty average guild and we did 4/6 the first week without any valor for LFR gear. You should be able to farm a few bosses in normal MSV without much problem. At that point, LFR and VP gear is filler for the few item slots that you need still, which was blizzard's intent this xpac for valor.

"Gear drops in raids like it always has."

LFR? No, actually it doesn't. I get crap I already have from a boss, get a double item from a token, basically grabbing duplicates I never would have or get nothing at all. Also, not condoning it, but there was the "guild rolls on items, passes to others" to speed acquisition. So no, your comment is wrong relating to LFR. Also, you used to be able to roll off or your guild could help you get off gear. Again, not saying it's a great practice but no, gear does NOT drop in raids like it always has when talking about LFR, a prime source OF entry raiding gear.

Also, you missed one of the best opportunities you had WITH the current LFR system! Since the loot is based on yes/no then assign loot from the table rather than player vs player rolls, there is no reason why you couldn't have added a "rolling as: " line below raid roll. Since it's not stealing gear from anyone, why would you care if I wanted to roll as ret or holy while tanking?

11/05/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zarhym
"I like gear like I always have."

Yes. And the way I geared historically was to do everything I could to try to up-gear myself for my raid.

11/05/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zarhym
"But I want bonus chances at that gear."

To any player who cares about the group they run with, it isn't a bonus. It's an obligation.

11/05/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zarhym
"I have to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear?!"

Sure. fine. 45 dailies assuming only 2x lesser per daily are done, is stupid. Do you get it? DAILIES are not fun to everyone. Figure out another way people can do crap, because you screwed up royally with a very decent percentage of your playerbase with this model.

11/05/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zarhym
"I don't want to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear!"

I understand the initial tone could have warranted this response, but stop being patronizing to all the rest of us who share the total dislike of this daily game you insisted on stuffing down our throats.

11/05/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Zarhym
"That thing I don't want to do that would earn me bonus chances at that gear, doesn't earn me bonus chances at that gear!"

That thing that I don't want to do also has no alternate way to GET said item.

You had a great system to many people with tabards > rep for heroics. There is ZERO reason you had to go the entire other way with it. A nice mix would be great. Let those who want to grind rep via heroics do it that way, while those who want to do dailes can knock themselves out. You already have weekly forced caps on rep through dailies... just put a global cap in and let those of us who would rather tank heroics over grind dailies get our rep that way.

In the past, people were pissed because you made them run heroics for rep. Did you just not think that perhaps going the TOTAL other direction would also be a bad idea? Some people like questing. Others like dailies. Still others would rather play for 7 hours on a Saturday then 1 hour every day. What happened to 7x rewards for a week rather than 1x per day? That was one of the best decisions you made. Then you reversed it and it's a step in the total wrong direction.

You say your players are whining and don't want to do the "work" for the gear. We say you have the tools and knowledge to make it very easy to do the "work" in the most enjoyable way for us personally. You just don't do it. You try to define what "Fun" is, then get an attitude with those players that call you out and say "actually, no, that isn't fun for many of us anymore." All you are doing with this daily crap is forced gating. But the insult to many of us is how you did it! You cap some reps at 1100 to 1200 a day, but only give 1XX rep/quest? How about 3 quests at 400 rep? How about weekly rep capping, and letting us get that rep however we wish? Stop pretending this isn't hard core gating and just come out and gate/cap it and let us get to that cap how we choose. Give us some lessers for a heroic. God knows 2 lessers per heroic is a slower rate than 2 per daily but i would rather grind 20 heroics and 25 dailies than 45 dailies.

This isn't rocket science. This isn't unreasonable. This isn't double dipping. This isn't crying. This isn't even that intensive to do. But you would rather just call us whiners who don't want to do work.
If we put the collective demands of the whiners and some of the restrictions set by Blizzard together, guess what do we get?

Let's list it out

Dailies-haters camp -
No dailies
Wants to get rep through dungeon, AKA rep tabard
Don't want to buy crafted gear
Profession recipe not to be on rep vendor, rather in random dungeon drop

No rep-tabard double-dipping
Some sort of progression mechanics required

So when I look at these, I thought to myself, that looks awfully familiar.

I know, it's TBC dungeon rep grind all over again. Strange how the general populace's demand just went one whole big merry-go-round. Maybe we should get heroic keys back too.

Watch when more whiners appear to whine about heroic daily lockout if Blizzard cave to whiners again. At some point in time, Blizzard will have to decide, are they making a game? or are they making a clay game, to be kneed and moulded as their customer wishes.
Dear Blizz,

There is a pretty simple way to shut people up. Make REP Account wide. Most the talk i here is rep grinding... Not the coins. Myself i have used over 360 coins and have earned 1 item of gear from them. Coins are ok. But pointless IMO! Unless, you have a good herioc group, to use them.

For years you make the game sooooo easy, than u make us spend at least! 2 more hours a day on wow, for rep grind... And you pretty much say, suck it up QQ moar. Deall with it.
Forcing you to do daily's huh? Yes, because we all know that someone is holding a gun to your head and making you do them.
11/06/2012 03:40 AMPosted by Hoggles
For years you make the game sooooo easy, than u make us spend at least! 2 more hours a day on wow, for rep grind... And you pretty much say, suck it up QQ moar. Deall with it.

Yes, they finally fixed the faceroll of a game they unintentionally created and now the people that got used to being given something for nothing are mad. Example: you.

Coins are not mandatory to grind; don't. Rep is not mandatory to grind; don't.
I really don't get why people cannot grasp this ever so simple idea.


I don't get it, I just don't get it.
What customers don't understand is Blizzard is trying to have MoP last as long as possible. Enjoy the game as much as you like, BECAUSE you WILL have the time for it. MoP is going to be around for awhile, so there's no reason to feel rushed. Sure elite players want to start raiding and complete it quickly as possible. That's what those folks find as entertaining, beating the rest.

YOU do not have to the best to enjoy the Game. That's Blizzards message. Want to raid now? Why? Because someone else is doing it? So if they jump off a bridge, will you too?
Dosent really bother me as i said its pointless imo do it or dont.

But dont make the game sooooo dam easy than change it... You think people wont Cry over it. Give me a break.

Says the dude that plays 10 hours a day.
Content is not meant to finished in 2 months. Why does everyone assume Blizzard is just going to give you everything you need to finish it? Then what? Everyone will be here on the forums crying about lack of content again. It's a never ending cycle. First you cry about not getting gear fast enough, or in this case, rep to buy gear fast enough. Then once you get the gear and progress through raiding you'll be right back here demanding more content.

Put out a little effort and quit crying so damn much.
Im exalted with all MoP facitions atm.
I really don't have much to do besides play pet battles/Pokemon which if i wanted to,i would download an Emu n play the real game .People complain about daily quest's which are not hard if you take the time to complete them,but...what bothers me is what else is there to do in MoP besides daily quests really? LFR you do in 2h and if..IF your guild raids you're gonna do something for 2h every 3 days.about elder charms,they are worthless when you get the same item 5 times.I have spent more than 25 elder charms and the only thing i got was one piece of armor.I say bring back the way Sha used to be and increase the spawn time of Galleon.I really liked when it was a challenge to get the Sha now it looks like a cheap Vault/Baradin.and there gonna put more daily quests next patch?i guess Titan is now more important and the money to support the production is needed.
I was betting at least another 2 weeks until someone said they were out of content. Well done, sir.
11/06/2012 04:09 AMPosted by Eligor
what bothers me is what else is there to do in MoP besides daily quests really?

This is the problem. This right here. There isn't even a world pvp objective.

I have no idea what Blizz is even thinking anymore.

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