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I think you just about summed it up there Lohfal.
Sort of like...farming herbs to make flasks or fishing to make food so you're a prepared raider?

I hate farming herbs, we should take that out.

Totally not the same thing. You hate farming herbs, but u like doing dailies? Buy them on the AH, other people don't mind farming herbs.

You like the idea of multiple ways to earn loot cause you have bad luck in LFR, and you like group dungeons/instances but not dailies? Too bad, only way is to do dailies. Sure you can argue that you can buy the loot in the AH too, but compared to flasks, they're ridiculosy pricey, and buying a piece could cripple your other gems/enchants/leg upgrades which are equally pricey
Anyone who is not happy with the current token system sign my petition and I will bring it to blizzard when I have enough signatures.

Link to Petition -

what are u going to do make them remove it ?
11/06/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Breathes
Guildies have told me they got the same exact piece of gear on the charm roll after winning a piece of gear.

Right, it doesn't not check to see what you already have, just as a boss dropping loot normally does not care what it has dropped the week before. But, it can drop a different item because I have seen a guildie get 2 different items off of will normal mode with bonus rolls.
i've got a seperate piece once and see lots of people getting seperate pieces. i've got a duplicate once.
every other
ya its a chance a random gen u cant fight it, it just happens if u choose to use a coin or not what i would do is map out what bosses u need loot on in lfr or what ever raid ur doing and spend wisely
11/05/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Zarhym
I don't like it when my words are twisted. I put sentences together to convey a cohesive thought, so I'd prefer if you read them in context

So would we
So i was dumb enough to sit here read all this, Which leads me to believe I was right the last 4 years playing this game. What do crybaby WoW players and Politics have in common?

A: To err is human, to blame it all on Bush is Obama.
11/06/2012 08:37 AMPosted by Shinei
Totally not the same thing. You hate farming herbs, but u like doing dailies? Buy them on the AH, other people don't mind farming herbs.

Yes, they are exactly the same. You will farm herbs, fish, AND get VP gear if you are a fully prepared raider. I have already stated I do not like doing dailies, I like the rewards they unlock. And as for buying gear, you will see that I bought boots from the bmah which cost 120k. Gold has to be used on something.
LOL petitions for a game. Seriously? Man up people. Do the daily quests or don't. It's that simple. If you want the rewards bad enough you'll make an effort to do it. If not play another game.

You are one of most consistently rude and condescending CM's. What shocks me is how unprofessional your replies are to players who, while not as articulate as you, wish to raise concerns in the official forums.
I don't agree with OP, but your post and many others like it are way out of line and below the standard that players and blizzard expects of it's employees

@Zavala Get a life!
11/05/2012 07:53 PMPosted by Okuu
This pesky game is getting in the way of my purples!

I know right
11/06/2012 07:04 AMPosted by Kairsha
What is the difference if you grind rep with a tabard vs grind rep with dailies?? None. You can only use One tabard at a time.

The difference is choice.
11/06/2012 08:17 AMPosted by Advicetroll

"Gear drops in raids like it always has."
"I like gear like I always have."
"But I want bonus chances at that gear."
"I have to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear?!"
"I don't want to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear!"
"That thing I don't want to do that would earn me bonus chances at that gear, doesn't earn me bonus chances at that gear!"

Let me know if that's an accurate summary, as well as what you're talking about. o.O

I can play this game too:
"We want players out in the world even if we have to corner them into doing so through gating gear and content"
"OK, let's gate the ability to spend JP and VP behind reputations that are only doable through daily quests."
"And we'll cut the per turn in reputation gain by anywhere from 100 to 150 rep so that some reputations take more than twice as long to build."
"We're also going to gate two factions that require rep to spend points behind the first faction that we're made into a long and drawn out grind."
"This way we'll draw out the amount of time the average raider spends getting their factions done"
"And to keep them going out we're going to make them gather lesser charms to turn into bigger charms so that they can have extra rolls for loot in their guild raids."
"So doing daily quests for charms becomes a carrot for faster gearing and progression."
"So when they say that the ability to spend points gained from has never been so heavily gated before we'll tell them:"
"It's not mandatory."
"If you don't like it, don't do it."
"But you'll have to to be the best you can be."
"And we'll say to ourselves:"
"This is brilliant."
Let me know if that's accurate and all, K?

But more than that imagined conversation between Blizzard developers what drives me away is the actual conversation in the community. The inescapable catch-22 and circular babbling.
"I hate doing dailies every day and wish that there was more than one path to the reputation needed to spend VP and used to be required to spend JP which we get from nearly every PvE activity in this game."
"OMG, It's not mandatory! If you don't like it don't do it! You don't have to spend your VP! You can wait until 5.1 to spend your VP because I'm ignoring the possibility that currencies will be reset like they have been for the past two expansions!"
"I'm done capping my VP, done farming, done raiding and don't feel like grinding dailies so I probably won't log in for the rest of the week because there's nothing I want to do."
"OMG, DO YOUR DAILIES. You are not allowed to say you're bored until you cap your reputations!"
"But, I hate dailies."
"OMG, then don't do them!"
"OK, two months in I've finished all my reps. (*^%#$%& that sucked and I'm never doing that grind again."
"You did it, therefore you can't have hated it that much and it can't possibly be that bad. Stop being so dramatic because no one cares. How dare you decide not to repeat the reputation grind on your alts!"

And you know, that's coming from someone who doesn't mind grinding reputations. I even liked the exalted events and quests that were added in. They're pretty nice, and it's nice to get a lore/story reward for your grinding. But I'm never coming back for this. Ever. All that bragging about the huge poll of 100 random daily quests means nothing in the face of six quest hubs and lowered reputation gains.

I don't mind dailies, I don't mind rep grinds. But I mind the skinner box and I mind the word games.

Thread winner, IMO.
notice how there are more people in this thread defending the daily system than bashing it.

MMO-C led me here. I had to defend the current state of the game as I enjoy it against these noobish casuals who "dislike dailies, wahh." You people don't understand how easy the grind in this game is. People that have played Aion, EQ, or Tera just laugh at the level of self-entitled casual gamers this community has bred.

Dailies are the most casual thing ever.

A chimpanzee drunk on a case of malt liquor could still grind every MoP rep to exalted. He'd just be really bored while doing it.

If they gave me a rep tabard that only worked in challenge modes, I'd use that instead.
WoW is still by far the most successful MMORPG ever.

Your move.

Yes, because happenstance means that they can do whatever they want and no one should question their stupid design decisions. Next you'll be telling us that Whitney Houston was on the right path in her life by becoming a drug addled diva married to a wife beater who dies alone in a hotel room by drowning herself accidentally.

Most of the disillusioned posters on this thread don't get it at all.

This is a game. Play it to have fun. If you aren't having fun, quit. No one will miss you.

Before coming to these forums, it didn't even cross my mind that people would dislike the new model of progressing your character. There was hardly anything to do in Cata as far as end game. I would log on for raid, raid, then log off as there was nothing to do once you're in full raid gear.

Blizzard finally delivers --------OPTIONAL-------content (can't stress that enough) and you people have the nerve to say "No blizzard, too much, I don't want to put effort into my character."

As I've read, many will share my opinion when I kindly say "!@#$ off." Please go play a different game that has an accepting whiny cesspool player base like CoD.

Actually, you're the one who doesn't get it. Blizzard became a popular entertainment company because they made an awesome Cherry Pie. One day, they decided that Cherry pie wasn't good enough for their 15 million + subscribers, so they started making Pecan pie instead. Their subscriber based declined more than 30% because a lot of people don't like Pecan pie.

But Blizzard didn't stop there. Once people got used to the flavor of Pecan pie, Blizzard decided to change their winning recipe again, this time to Rhubarb pie. Losing even more people. Then Blizzard gets into this vicious cycle of changing their pie recipe every 6 months, and before you know it, they aren't even serving pie anymore. Now they are serving sloppy joes and hobo stew.

Do some people like those things? Sure. However, 100% of the player base would have been happy with Cherry pie until the end of time. So while Blizzard has the right to do whatever they want with their game. They DO NOT have a right to expect people not to react to their decisions. At this point, 8 years after Wow has come out, it's safe to say that Blizzard is extremely out of touch, and is more concerned with job security by finding and fixing problems that don't exist, than making any of their players happy.

And here you come telling us to just move on if we don't like the way Blizzard is ruining their game. You didn't just drink the Kool Aid, you're chugging it. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there is no flying saucer coming to take you and the rest of your cult off to a utopian paradise.

Blizzard, when are you going to start offering Cherry pie again?
11/06/2012 08:43 AMPosted by Bubbleøseven
Totally not the same thing. You hate farming herbs, but u like doing dailies? Buy them on the AH, other people don't mind farming herbs.

Yes, they are exactly the same. You will farm herbs, fish, AND get VP gear if you are a fully prepared raider. I have already stated I do not like doing dailies, I like the rewards they unlock. And as for buying gear, you will see that I bought boots from the bmah which cost 120k. Gold has to be used on something.

Just said you don't need to farm herbs and fish, you can buy them both on the AH with your 120k gold from other people who already have farmed them and enjoy farming them, and they probably cost substantially less too.

You can't buy elder charms on the AH.

Dunno how to make it any clearer, so I'll stop there. That and Valor != CP
And as for buying gear, you will see that I bought boots from the bmah which cost 120k. Gold has to be used on something.

People paid guilds 150k gold to run them thru Firelands to get the Ragnaros mount or Dragon Soul the Deathwing mount.

>120k boots with ilevel 509 on the Black Market Auction House is comparable I suppose.

Imagine 13 or 14 slots of BMAH gear on one player... Billion gold bling?

P.S. All my elder charm rolls have given me gold and I have not won one piece of gear yet.
So, I gotta get in the raids and win something!!

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