Inscribed Serpent Staff

Sadly I read the forums AFTER blizz decides to take the staff I have been waiting 20 days to make. I make it, try to equip it, and it does not let me. I turn the quest in and my staff is gone. Can I please have the staff restored to me?
People have been extremely heartless about this issue. The quest's instructions are very misleading, and there have been numerous complaints about this issue. I have been a paying Blizzard customer since BC, and I have actively tried to get many people around me to start playing (successfully).
This blatant disregard for a very serious error needs to be addressed, or they will be losing my business.
I did some research, apparently GM's have been restoring this item after outrage. Open your ticket and be respectful, and you should be able to get it restored to you.
Can you please send me a link where you saw this? I did open a ticket and hopefully they show me some sympathy for my mistake. Thank you
As powerful it is, at some point you know you will outgrow this staff. When that time comes, one of the Inkmasters in the Arboretum would most likely be interested in taking it from you.

Next time read the quest text because it says right in there that they'll take it from you.
I too was so excited to finally have the mats for my staff. I leveled my shaman to 90 because she is my scribe, although this is not my main. Endless hours of mat farming. The spirit shards were so hard to farm. When the staff showed up after all that time and effort with a quest on it I just thought 'jeeze one more step and I'm done'. Being in a rush I ran to turn in the final part of this long haul, couldn't wait to send the shiny new staff to my main who is a shadow priest. Now keep in mind after 10 years playing this game nothing bad ever happened for turning in a quest. I literally had a lump in my throat when I discovered my staff was gone. I cannot get over it. I put in a ticket and was fuming mad at the time so wasn't very polite in my wording. I cannot bring myself to ever log in again to wow if I don't get it or the mats back. It was a huge price to pay for being hasty and not reading the quest. I'd like to know how many people read every quest they get word for word. /cry
Sadly I too am a victim of this bogus quest. Normally I do not post about the crap that goes on in the game because overall the game rocks but I am incredibly upset at the moment. Like everyone else I spent over 20 days trying to get this staff. I was so excited because today was the day I get this awesome staff that would be a HUGE upgrade and bam its gone. I hope that the other player who posted they will return the staff was correct because I don't honestly know how much longer I will play after something like this.
Read the quest?
Do you sit and read every quest? of all the thousands of quests I've done, no I don't sit and read them all. Only if I am having a problem with one. What's to stop Blizzard from throwing in a quest that takes all my gold next? If i choose to continue to play (which I won't) now I will feel compelled to read every little detail of every quest. Way too time consuming.
Update. They sent it back to me!
I think it should simply be changed completely how this is done.

This just happened to me now, and in my excitement after 20 days of waiting to get this thing, I did indeed do a skim read on the quest.

It actually looks like you can't equip the item because of the quest symbol on it. It also seemed to me that the quest item HAD to be turned in to enable or empower the staff, with a great reward of getting half of the materials back.

Naturally its my own fault for 'not reading the quest' as some have replied, but it was an exciting moment for me, which turned into the biggest disappointment I've ever had in this game.

What I kick myself mostly for, is I am indeed one of those people that will read every quest, but I've had this game for many years, and have done most of these quests repeatedly on numerous alts. If it wasn't such an exciting moment of "FINALLY ITS DONE", I wouldn't of been in such a rush.

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