Blizzard are you even aware of LFR Garalon?

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11/08/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Lichkilla
ehhh, you need to learn to read or at least grasp concepts before responding.

Go empty your drool cup and read this. Or make more failed attempts to troll.

The boss fights in a Raid Finder raid are simplified, with their difficulty relative to normal scaled down. The difficulty level for LFR Dragon Soul is around the difficulty of Baradin Hold, another example of a Raid that is designed to be "puggable". As a consequence of the reduced difficulty, the bosses have less health, and deal less damage that is experienced on 25-man Normal mode. Specific mechanics have also been removed, where inattentiveness in Normal mode is capable of wiping a raid.

A Looking For Raid run is a gentle introduction to the bosses, and can be educational for a player who is new to, or still learning the fight. Some important differences in boss tactics exist between LFR and Normal mode, and it is especially important to remain informed of this when or if you transition to Normal mode.

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