Tips, Tricks and Best Practices. (5.0)

Pet Battles
I thought it might be a good idea to try and put together some "best practices" in a guide. These tips can save you from some of the mistakes that can be made while building your collection. Please feel free to chime in with your own suggestions from lessons learned.

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  • The Terrible Turnip is highly recommended for capturing lower level pets.

  • It has an unique ability, Weakening Blow, that will weaken an opponent to no lower that 1 health.

  • This is useful since it can be used against pets much lower level without risk of killing the pet you are attempting to capture.

  • It comes as a potential loot from your crops on your farm in The Valley of the Four Winds. You can often find it available on the AH for fairly cheap.


  • Try to level a mechanical, beast, and flying/magic pet first.

  • The Tiny Harvester is an easy to obtain mechanical that you can capture in Westfall.

  • It has a mechanical and beast primary attack, extra plating for defense, and repair for healing. This little guy can carry your whole team after you get it to 20. You can forgo a beast for critter opponents entirely with this pet.


  • For a beast, the kitty cubs like the Snow Cub are a good choice.

  • They have a strong main attack for critters. A damaging defensive attack. And they have a self heal "two round finisher" called Devour which is pretty easy to use, does decent damage and keeps the pet topped up between battles.


  • I haven't found a very sustainable (healing) flyer yet.

  • They have strong attacks against aquatic, the most common of which are crabs with shields and self heals. You need really strong attacks to break their defenses in a timely manner. Large single hits work better versus the shield rather than an attack with many small hits.

  • They take less damage to beast type attacks.

  • Sporebats have a healing DoT.

  • There aren't any low level magic pets, so you may need to buy one.

  • Magic is another type which is strong with a common type, flying. The Mana Wyrmling has very strong attacks, and reflection will make you giggle. It is very easy to obtain from a Netherstorm vendor.


  • Crabs make awesome capture tanks.

  • The shield last forever and reduces per hit damage, which is really strong against multi-hit attacks and dots, since a large portion is mitigated compared to a single strong attack. The shield can have 100% uptime. They often have a strong heal and beast attack too.

  • Don't try to capture every rare in a zone.

  • Instead, try to concentrate only on those pets that are unique to the zone, or if the multi-zone pet is available at its highest capture level. I lost a lot of time capturing rare pets only to find those same pets available in higher level zones.

  • Try to concentrate on primary only pets first. Many pets will come as secondaries, and you will see those secondaries as rares much more often while trying to capture primary only pets.

  • Capture your way to level 25, and then work back down.

  • You can leap frog up the levels this way, with nothing but common captures. Then use those pets to build a strong collection from the top down. This saves a load of time. You can then start capturing pets from the highest to lowest level zones, capturing only rares, and you can avoid being at a level disadvantage, which is a huge help to pets that can't heal.

  • Use the stable masters often if you can.

  • Flying to a nearby stable master is often available and advantageous.

  • Rotate pets in battle if you aren't near a stable master, so that all the pets are near full after you get a heal for winning.

  • Don't take a bunch of damage on one single pet if the pet can't heal. You want to spread the damage around. Otherwise, your pets just get weaker and weaker.

  • This is more of an issue when you don't have many pets. As you get more of similar levels, you can rotate them out until your pet heal/rez is off cooldown.

  • If you aren't leveling pets, just abandon the battle if there's nothing you want to capture.

  • This saves a ton of time for rare collecting. Until we get battle stones in 5.1, there is little incentive other than xp to fight every battle.

  • There are three battle pets that you can not capture as a rare.

  • Jungle Grub - Krasarang Wilds
  • Clouded Hedgehog - Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes
  • Silent Hedgehog - Dread Waste, Townlong Steppes

  • Some pets are more contested than others. Notable rare spawns are:

  • Minfernal
  • Scourged Whelpling
  • Sporeling Sprout
  • Tiny Bog Beast
  • Infected Bear Cub
  • Flayer Youngling
  • It can be helpful to try to capture many of these immediately after server restart.
  • Or you could try to camp them on less populated servers with an alt or through cross-realm friends.

  • You can leave a battle without making the battle despawn by exiting the game.

  • The easiest/quickest way is Alt + F4.
  • You can use this to retry a battle if you accidentally killed the pet you are trying to capture.
  • You can let another player have the battle (and the resulting pet).
  • You can reduce competition in a zone by announcing rare pets that you don't need.
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    That should be enough.
    Good guide.

    Another low level wild mechanical is Robo-Chick, found in Orgrimmar at level 1.

    Darkmoon Zeppelin is also an excellent mechanical for a first team or for power-leveling pets, and is rare quality. It costs 90 tickets at the monthly Darkmoon Faire.

    It can protect a low level pet with its Decoy skill when you swap the low level in for one round. Then, the Zeppelin can suicide with Explode to kill the last pet so all the experience goes to the low level pet.

    A rare Spider is another excellent Beast with a more reliable and frequent heal from Leech Life than a cat's Devour. When you get high enough for Winterspring pets, replace it with a rare Crystal Spider, which also has a stun.

    For big attacks, Brilliant Kaliri is an excellent, rare quality flyer and is the reward for collecting 125 different pets. My level 25 Brilliant Kaliri can often solo the three level 23 aquatics of the Shattrath pet tamer.

    Disgusting Oozeling is an excellent low level Magic pet and one of the best Magic pets overall. It can be expensive but is always rare quality. Once you can handle level 11 pets, you can capture a rare Jade Oozeling in Hinterlands with identical skills.
    This is good info. :)
    There might not be a low level magic pet that you can capture, but the Magic Lamp/Enchanted Lantern that enchanters make starts at level 1 and you can get them off the AH.
    Awesome guide! Can't wait for more!
    Infected Bear Cub shares spawns with their mothers.

    You can just clear out the zone (There's like 15-20 of them?) and the cubs will respawn pretty fast.

    Don't need to wait for a server restart for this one.

    In my opinion, I think the top 4 most contested rare spawns are:

    Scourged Whelpling
    Giraffe Calf
    Onyxian Whelpling
    I'd probably throw up Wanderer's Festival Hatchling as a contested 'rare', simply because it only spawns a few pets twice a week - and everyone knows it. :-P
    I'll try to work on it a bit more tomorrow.
    It's INFESTED Bear Cub, to the people calling it Infected. :P

    With the Infested Bear Cub and the Diemetradon Hatchlings, it's quite simple. Find the regular mob that is spawning them. Mark them with a raid target. Kill every other one.

    The regular ones have a chance of spawning as a "mom", meaning it will spawn a baby. Everytime that baby is removed (either killed or battled), 5-10 minutes later, a new one will spawn, repeat.

    I'd add Tiny Bog Beast to the contested ones. Those things get cleared out so fast it's not funny on the 2 CRZs I use.

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