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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Alone...the silence stretched from minutes to hours...a tiny scratching caused the hooded figure to gaze quickly in the direction it came from...a mouse skittered across the floor. Beneath her mask a smile tickled her lips as she realized the mouse could not detect her presence. Outside the darkened room she heard a voice, then footsteps drew near. Without a bit of hesitation a tall elderly gentleman strode into his bedroom.

It was his house, what did he have to fear? As a member of the Stormwind Military, he had priviledges. A big house, servants to wait on him. He lit the oil lamp that hung on the wall next to the bed. A bit on the vain side, he had a mirror on his wall above the dresser. He paused to run a gnarled hand through his gray hair. It was cut short and neat, he liked it that way. As he fingered his moustache and combed through his beard he thought he heard something.

A tingle shot down his spine as he reached over to turn the wick of the lamp so it would light the area better. His eyes scanned the room and he just caught sight of the mouse as it fled in terror. Shaking his head and smiling he started to walk to the door to call for the butler. For once he thought maybe he should have listened to his cook and gotten a cat to patrol the house.

As he walked to the door the floor boards creaked with his steps. The closet was on the far side of the room and he did not see the long slender black tube slide out from the clothing hanging there. A tiny dart, loaded with a poison lethal enough to bring down an elekk with a single drop, flew out of the tube and hit the back of his neck. The effect was instantaneous. His breath stopped, and he sunk to the floor. Whirling motes of flashing light danced in his vision for but a few moments and then went black.

The mouse squeaked as the man fell to the floor. The carpet absorbed much of the noise, but the timing was crucial. A figure moved quickly to the man and removed the dart. The tiny hole on the back of his neck sported a single drop of blood. A slender hand with long fingers deftly dabbed at it with a bit of cloth. There was no trace of any trauma to the body, but the man was very much dead. Using her gloved fingers to good advantage she searched his pockets for the trinket she knew she would find there. The small fetish buried deep in his pocket branded him a Cultist. It also made her work easy. It identified her mark and was the evidence she needed to collect her reward.

The figure stood quickly and moved to the window. Sliding out of it and using the trellis of vines to climb down the side of the house. There was not much time to waste and she needed to be out of the city before the alarm was raised. The shadows hid her movements well. The darkened city was not as patroled as it should be. Most of the military district seemed to be empty.

Making her way to the outskirts of the city was easy in the silence of the night. Her reward would be used to further her indoctrination into the secret society she knew only as a whispered word among thieves and cutthroats. Taipan, the very name used to denote a very poisonous snake.

They were very selective, using a series of challenges and tests to insure only the best were recruited. Once were there for life. There was no turning back, the only retirement being death. Her goal was simple and elegant. She lived for the hunt, the thrill of a job well done and leaving no trace behind. Her motives were long buried in the twisted recesses of her mind.

As she slid into the canal to make her way underwater to the edge of the city, the alarm went up and guards scrambled out of the checkpoints. The blare of trumpets heralded the running feet and the bark of dogs as they started their search. A frown crossed her face under her mask as she moved along the canals towards the open sea. Did she miss something? She had trained for many years for this. A slip up could cost her the entrance into the one place she wanted to be.

Nervously she swam underwater to the harbor and found a section of dock where the space under it allowed her to listen to those above speak. Voices came to her as the guards spoke to themselves. "The Captain is being paranoid, old man Jenkins dropped of a heart attack. Searching for spies in the city is a waste of time."
With her long dark hair tied in a tail and stuffed into her hood, Amarlei downed another underwater breathing potion and dived down again. There were sharks in the water and she did her best to avoid them. Though at the time they seemed to be occupied chasing humans who were checking on lobster traps. They of course were looking at the sharks, and therefore did not see her form as it slipped along the wall.

She could not be seen in Stormwind at the moment, her disguises were all in her bags, hidden on the beach beyond the main traffic area. She swam with a lazy motion staying out of sight of the fishermen and the sharks. Freezing when any looked her way. Eventually she went around the corner of the harbor to the hidden cache and climbed out of the water. The rocks hid the small cave she found and she crawled inside to strip off her wet cloth armor and used a towel to dry her self. Rolling up in the blankets she had there, she fell asleep.

It was several hours later that she was ready to venture into Stormwind. Her disguise as a human mage was accomplished by aid of a magical hat. Invoking the magic and strolling into town from the woods nearby, she carried a basket of herbs and berries as she moved into the city. Her head was covered in a brightly colored peaked hat and she hummed a soft tune as she strolled past the guards who had no idea of her true identity.

She smiled and greeted those who were politely speaking to her as she made her way to the little pond and sat down to do some fishing. It was now ten hours past her latest kill and she was comfortably sitting on the bank of the pond fishing. She noticed a few children playing around the pond and the nearby Pandaren area. Her keen eyes took in all the details she needed to remain inconspicuous in the Alliance city.

She took time to make a small campfire and cook some fish she caught. Supplementing it with the berries she had picked on the way through the forest. A few guardsmen passed her and nodded politely. They stopped and talked to the lady in the cabin, asking if she had seen any strangers lurking about. Amarlei smirked as she snacked on her lunch. She was not lurking, she was in plain sight!

The guards gave her a cursory glance and stood talking for a few moments. "I don't think we will find anyone, Charlie. We have searched all day. I still think old man Jenkins just passed of a heart attack. He was old and he lived alone, all them servants we talked to say they heard nothing, except when he hit the floor. And even then they did not go check because he was in a cranky mood. They figured he just hit the floor or stomped on it out of frustration." he was clearly irritated at having to search for a non existant killer.

"Yeah and it was his girlfriend who found him dead, how old was he to be having the likes of Sylvia Grayson? She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead! You would think she had lost her sanity. She carried on for over an hour to the Watch Captain about spies. I think they finally had to have a priest sedate her." he was thoughtful as they resumed walking.

Amarlei packed her things and leisurely strolled past the cabin and went towards the main gate. She had to at least appear to be heading home. Her steps took her past the many children and wandering citizens until she found the front gate. Strolling past it she headed towards the Falls and waited until she was out of sight of all people before she took out a silent whistle only a wyvern would hear.

The wyvern flew down off the upper cliffs where he had been sunning himself and she climbed on his back. Heading to Booty Bay to collect her reward from her Master. She thought he would be pleased to hear of her success. One more step closer to her final goal.
Just another wyvern soaring above Booty Bay, the Sindorei eased into a slow spiral while she scouted with a spyglass. She was looking for a certain sign, an inconspicuous alignment of rocks and trash. From the air it was difficult but not impossible to spot. A few bits of metal set at a certain angle. A few white stones and one black one, the signal she was looking for to denote her hit had been recorded in the red tome.

A thrill shot through her as she guided the wyvern to the rooftop of the Salty Sailor. On the tiles of the roof a strange symbol was etched into the rock. No one seemed to know what it meant. It had been there since the day the Salty Sailor had opened it's doors to the cutthroats and pirates that plagued the seas.

Goblins were crafty and sly, they were masters of the deal and working both sides of the war. They ignored the scratched symbol and a legend built up about it over the years. To some it looked like a snake, to others it was the Troll symbol of death. To Amarlei it was the first thing she had uncovered in her search for the secret society known in whispers as Taipan.

How many times had adventurers walked over this seemingly random scratching and ignored its significance? Amarlei herself had walked over it countless times as she flew into and out of Booty Bay. Today she was searching for her destiny. A place to spend the last of her days in perfecting. And if she was lucky she would die in her sleep.

She lived for the Hunt. The thrill of the chase, surprise and secrecy. The subtlety of ambush and the leaving no trace behind. Her motives were not clear, even to her. SOmetimes she killed those who needed killing. Very rarely had she taken an innocent's life. Though sometimes it had been necessary to cover her trail.

She stood next to the wyvern as the stablemaster came to collect him. "He has been a good wyvern, a special treat is in order." she patted the beast and smiled. Walking off to the downstairs to see if there had been any messages for her. The mailbox was her only contact at the moment. She had met the second in command, but never the Master. He was as secretive as a ghost. Even the goblin who acted as his go between said he had never been face to face with him. Only hearing a whispered message from behind a screen of cloth or rickety building.

Messages were passed and she was invited to participate in a hunt. The target was chosen and she made a clean kill, no witnesses. A one word message had come accompanied with a sack of gold coins, "Impressive".

She walked to the mailbox and peered inside. This time there was no message. Perhaps she was too early. There had not been much time elapsed since her last kill. She went to the general storekeeper and bought a wrapping paper and ribbon. In the privacy of a cubby hole in the alley, she placed the fetish inside and wrapped it securely. Addressing it to the manager of the Ventures, Unlimited, she dropped it off at the postal service.

If they needed proof, she had sent it. All she could do now is wait. Strolling to the bar she sat in a corner where the light was dim and sipped tea. She had patience, she would wait.
(( I have enjoyed reading it so far. Not sure if you intend people to "jump in" nor do I know yet how I would, but.... just FYI you write very well and I would enjoy reading the rest of the Story. ))
Thanks Ixe, I enjoy writing. I wanted to make it a thread, but it seems not many are interested in it as an rp. I am so bored today, and waiting for maintainance to be over is driving me silly.

So what would you do if you joined in the story? I know that others are bored right now too. I was hoping to make it a simple mystery and let the ones who are investigating Jenkins death look for clues and perhaps answer in kind of a flashback way.
Yes, I agree completely with Ixe, I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. Although, I wasn't sure how to join in, to be completely honest. (and just starting out RPing on this guy, was previously a shaman.) Rather new to "walk up" rp
If you are interested in forum rp, here is a guideline that will help.

If anyone is serious about it I will consider making an IC thread and use this as a sign up thread.

@ Damer, this is not a random or walk in rp, it is structured and somewhat scripted. If you want to join in you need to have a character in mind according to my sign up post and use the format.
I'd be up for having a character in this
So, now that I added a little bit more story, I get nibbles? Ok, here is the deal. Sign up with your characters. I expect Alliance to be someone investigating the murder or it could be a relative or friend, or even the woman who was his lover. Guardsmen are welcomed as well.

Horde if you want in I expect you to be someone who is interested in the organisation I am naming Taipan, as I already mentioned. I do not mind more assassins if you are interested in being a part of the organisation. But, I want to have you going through the same tests and challenges that Amarlei is going through. Since this is forum rp, and Taipan is a neutral organisation accepting contracts from both sides, you can be an Alliance who is seeking into it as well.

I have someone in mind to play the part of the Master. I am hoping he will have time to pop in the thread occationally. He has some wonderful ideas, and I want to make them part of the thread. I will put one of my characters in as his second in command, so the thread will not suffer in his absense.

Standard format for forum threads. No god modding, over powered or dragons, vampires, so forth. Please use good grammar and spelling, I suggest using your word processor and copy/paste, then edit if you need to. You can use this template.

Name and race:

Gender and age:

Class and faction:

Basic description:

Armor and weapons:

Basic general history:

Brief summary of personality:

Reason you want in:

I will be accepting those who show a decent amount of patience and willingness to actually post and keep up on the thread. If you are a beginner, please familiarize yourself with the stickie at the top. Posting silliness or one liners is deeply discouraged.

For those who are new to forum rp, here is a link.
Name and race: Alabron Stargaze (Kaldorei)

Gender and age: Male over 700 years

Class and faction: Ranger (Unaligned)

Basic description: Tall and light-footed. Light pinkish skin, glowing yellow eyes. Shining white hair.

Armor and weapons: Scale mail armor, black bandana. Elven wood bow, Swiftwind, green color with a red interior.

Basic general history: Alabron never liked the war between the Alliance and Horde, along with the hate he received from both sides, so he decided to help neither of them. He stays unaligned for trust purposes. He is more of a mercenary than anything else. He is hated by the Horde for obvious racial reasons, but the hatred he receives from the Alliance is because he's nickname is known throughout the cities of Darnassus, Stormwind City, Ironforge, and even Dalaran. He is known as "Mr. Silent" for many reasons. He is wanted for murder, theft, and public disturbances. Murder Count: Over 500, Theft Count: 57, PD Count: 12

Brief summary of personality: Quiet, mysterious, and patient.

Reason you want in: I really like the idea of the rp, and I think it will be even more fun if I played a role where he isn't apart of any side. ICly, Alabron heard multiple rumors around Felwood while hunting big game animals. He wondered if the assassination jobs would be payed and if so, payed well. He decided to check it out for himself.
@Alabron, I will consider if you give me some more reason of why you want to be in the thread and what your goal is. You have to have something in mind. Are you applying for the assassin organisation? I am willing to allow you to have heard about it in whispers, but your information will be sketchy at best or unfounded rumors.

I would also like some kind of explanation as to why he is hated by Alliance? A criminal activity perhaps or association with pirates? It's your choice as to how much you offer OOC. I appreciate the idea of mystery, I just want to know your motives.

Sure would like to get a few more people. I have seen some posts about the lack of rp threads. Surely we have more than a couple bored people around?
Reserved for tomorrow!
Olivia "Wyntar" Jamison

29 year old Human female Mage (Frost/Arcane) of the Alliance

This young woman carries herself with an air of confidence she has earned throughout her career. She is in excellent shape, and takes care in her appearance. She enjoys reading, and scholarly pursuits, ever keeping her skills sharp and ready.

Wyntar prefers the comfort of robes she has created herself, and maintains a small wardrobe of a variety of different ones. She prefers the strength and balance of a good staff compared to a dagger or wand. She has many trinkets and doodads she has gathered that aid her in her spellcasting. But she prefers to trust in her own intelligence and spells to protect and fight with.

The daughter of a petty noble, she preferred to explore the various libraries and sites of learning throughout Azeroth. Her intelligence made her a good candidate for the mage towers in Stormwind. She has proven to be an excellent pupil, and aids the Alliance in whatever capacity she can.

Olivia is a slow study. She is quiet, and studious, but very observant of her surroundings. She takes a while to warm up to people, and she is a loyal and faithful friend to those she has opened herself up to. She is thoughtful and insightful to those around her, and a general good judge of character.

She's come to seek answers to Jenkins death. He was one of those she considered a good friend, though he was a little grouchy at times, she cared about him. He had always been a strong man, and had never known him to be sick in all the time she knew him.
Fixed it for ya Amarlei
Nice character summary Wyntar. I am not going to insist you use the template I put up there. I will accept you.

I do hope you noticed that Jenkins was secretly a Cultist? I did not name any particular Cult. It could be anything. I may reveal it later. Also his girlfriend went ballistic on the Watch Commander and he is not totally convinced that it was a crime. He is just doing the search to shut her up. I would love to have someone be the Watch Commander, its why I did not portray him much in the narrative.

So the girlfriend part is open or I can make her the next mark as an npc, I can do stuff with her. Also need some guards men to play detective. Or disgruntled and bored guards who are just going through the motions. It really is kind of open.

@Alabron. All right, I will accept that. It depends on what you do to start with how someone from Taipan will contact you. You can detail it in your opening if he is known for these crimes or if they are unsolved. If he is wanted on sight and will be arrested if he walks into Stormwind, that might be too flashy for the likes of Taipan. The organisation wishes to remain unseen and totally discreet.

I am hoping for a few more people before I get this started. Also any feed back or questions?
My thanks, Amarlei. And yes, I did notice that he was secretly a Cultist. However, he must not have confided that information to me as IC'ly I don't know about it. Yet.

Girlfriend, no. I would offer my observational and investigational skills to the Watch Commander to find out what actually happened to Jenkins. I would talk with the girlfriend to see why she believes it's more than "natural causes" and more like spies.

I will play the detective in seeking clues to his death. Was the body looked at by a priest or apothecary, to see if any poisons were used to weaken his heart, or cause outright death? I'm suspicious in him just keeling over dead. He was too healthy - a girlfriend like Sylvia Grayson...sounds too suspicious. I want to come to another conclusion than an easy heart attack that is assumed. You know what they say about assuming...
Very good Wyntar, I am assuming that whoever does the Watch Commander will note if anything was looked at as far as forensics. I am not even sure if they do anything too detailed like that. Though I would think its possible.

And yes I left enough clues for someone who actually looks at the body to spot the tiny pin mark on his neck. It would look somewhat like a bug bite. I can accept someone thinking he was too vigorous to drop dead as well.

As far as a trail left behind, ask me in here for hints at what might be found. Or you can ask if something you come up with is viable. No criminal, no matter how careful they are leaves NO trace. But it will be a very tiny and easily missed clue.

As far as the organisation goes, they are looking for talent in assassination. Not necessary to be flashy or obvious for skill to be acknowledged. I will outline how Amarlei came to the attention of Taipan in one of my posts.

For now I am waiting for a few more to join us. At least the Watch Commander, who can use npcs to his advantage as guards or civilians questioned. I will give you Jenkins and his full name and habits in posts along the way as well.
Name: Malakai "Falcon' Vnalia
Race: Human
Gender : Male
Age: 27
Class : Gunslinger
Faction: Alliance (Watch Commander)

Description: Jet black hair hung down just below his chin, his face was clean shaven, skin tanned from the great deal of time he spends out. A scar runs down his left cheek, nearly down the length of his jaw. Malakai stands at an exact 6'0 with an athletic build, though his most noticeable trait would be his silver eyes which resemble that of a bird of prey, hence the name, "Falcon." He's often seen with a permanent scowl stretched across his features.

Armor and weapons: On and off duty, Malakai is always adorned in uniform. A set of grey leathers with traces of blue along the sleeves and collar. A golden badge was pinned just above his heart, the lion of Stormwind signifying that he was a member of the Watch. There were several golden stripes marking him as a ranked official within the Watch. On his belt, twin pistols rest, engraved with silver, gifts for his service to Stormwind. They were rapid-shooters, capable of firing six shots before having to reload. Inside the left leg of his pants at his shin was another, which was a back-up for when stuff hit the collective fan.

History: A "copper's" son, Malakai grew up hearing of tales of crime and the bravery of the Watch. He could always remember staying up late, sitting by the fire waiting for his father to come home and relate to him the tales of the day. Naturally, the old man hid most of the "true" details to avoid scaring or damaging his son's thoughtful personality in anyway. In walking the streets of Stormwind, he saw so much wrong, murders, thievery, gangs, and even smuggling. To make matters worse, everyone identified him as the "copper's" son, so they tended to avoid him, leaving him to be alone most of the time in fear of being "ratted" out. The solitude was devastating to him but he used it to hone his skills in, often disappearing for the entire length of the day to go practice shooting out in Westfall.

It wasn't until his father was killed on the job that he knew he was going to carry on the legacy. As soon as he was of legal age, he signed up for the Watch. In the years, he worked his way up top the top through hard work and dedication.

Personality: Hardened. Not much of a sense of humor, he's rarely found smiling.

(Rushed, work is calling and I just wanted to get this doneeee)
Welcome to the thread Turle!! I like Malakai. I think he will make a good Watch Commander! Serious is good, I am sure he will be willing to root out the truth and find out about this secret organisation, eventually.
Name and race: Thorum " Andrew" Strongarm, Tauren

Gender and age: male 64, human years

Class and faction: Shamen, Earthen Ring

Basic description: Tall standing at 6'8, he has brown fur with white splotches and graying hair attributing to his growing age. His horns are cracking and riddled with cracks. His eyes speak of great wisdom. In his beard twirled around a small totem, at the tip was fire.

Armor and weapons: Wearing thick robes and mail armor, they glow a bright blue color, and hold gems which glow a soft red color. His weapon is a massive mace that hangs on his back. a massive stone hammer that is known is a ancient weapon known as "Earth breaker" by his father. Made in Deepholme by his father it was a relic among his tribe.

Basic general history: Born in the barrens, he was born to the "Earth breaker" clan, a small tribe nestled near the northern end of the Barrens. His father was the Tribe Chief and the lead shaman. He was blessed in that the Stone mother looked bit more favorably upon him then others. Thorum Quickly showed the same attunenment to Earth as his father. Joining the Earthen Ring he soon was sent to the Stormwind to meet with the leaders to work a deal. He was given the name Andrew was given to him from a captain of the guard because it was easier to remember.

Brief summary of personality: Slow to anger, he is a fatherly figure to all horde and alliance. Wants to talk rather then fight.

Reason you want in: Good character to help hunt the killer. OOC- I would really like in, this character would be good in this. He is not OP he may be strong but at his age he gets tired quickly and his kindness is easy to take advantage of.

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