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Sorry, Rakmisuul, there is no way a Tauren would be in the Stormwind guard. The humans in the city would panic every time they saw him. Either create an Alliance race for your guard or come up for a way for a Horde character to be investigating the Taipan. I don't care if he is a pirate in Booty Bay or whatever, but the story is set in Stormwind not Durotar or the Barrens.

If you want in that bad, come up with an Alliance character.
Name and race: Catheden Everblade (Kaldorei)

Gender and age: Male (Unknown)

Class and faction: Death Knight of the Alliance

Basic description: Dark purple skin with frosty azure eyes. On the taller side of elves. A faint death knight echo in his voice.

Armor and weapons: Enhanced saronite plated armor, improved to take more damage without getting dented or destroyed. Weapon is his runeblade, Ragvar. The blade hums with different types of runes. Red words are etched upon the blade in the Darnassian language. "Fear is for the weak."

Basic general history: Catheden is good at what he does, killing his foes, torturing his sworn enemies, and protecting his allies. He is well known for his actions against the Horde and slaughtering many on the field of battle during the Scourge War, The Sundering, and even presently. Recently he has been appointed to be a guard for Stormwind City. A guard that doesn't care what the outcome is to the criminals he finds lurking around the city.

Brief summary of personality: Quiet, cold, emotionless, and somewhat twisted in killing.

Reason you want in: He heard of the rumors of this Taipan and grinned, wanting to spill some Horde blood. Either orc or elf, no matter, as long as they are Horde, he didn't care.
@Catheden, normally those joining the Taipan would be rogues or some other class that can stealth. I admire DKs, they are true killing machines, but there is no subtlety to them. I would suggest you use a rogue or a hunter or if you wish to be a Night Elf, perhaps a druid?

And you would have to be able to find them and figure out how to get their attention. As a killing machine it is not necessary for a death knight to be stealthy, we all know they are there.

In the interest of some clarity, I will give you a link to look at on forum rp.

As the TM, I reserve the right to decline those who do not meet my criteria. This does not mean I think you are a bad rper. It just means the character you have chosen is not fitting into my idea of what is needed or asked for.

Please do not take it as a personal insult. Try again!
I was saying to be apart of the rp to go AGAINST the Taipan, I thought they were the Horde stealthy ones.
The Taipan is an organisation of assassins. They are not just Horde, they are not Alliance. They are neutral in that respect because they are contracted killers. As I stated, they accept any race, provided the person has the ability to kill, and preferably from a stealthy or subtle standpoint. The trick to getting into the Taipan is to not be caught, or to be noticed at all. You kill your lone target and do not leave a trace. Or leave evidence to tie the crime to someone else. It's an art, it takes skill and talent. Some kill for the sheer ego boost, some for gold, some for vengeance.

The only thing that will tie anyone to the Taipan is a devotion to the Master, who sets challenges and trains worthy apprentices. Being in the Taipan offers a slight bit of protection, in that you may ask for Sanctuary if you are found out and hunted. But you also run the risk of endangering the security of the Taipan, and in some rare cases, if you are found to be inept or unable to do the will die. One way or another, either by the hand of the Master or become a challenge for one of his apprentices to eliminate.

As I stated, there is no retirement but death. This organisation is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a Family that will coddle you or give you special treatment. It is highly secretive. Think of the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls series. Some may know of it, and rumors abound, but very little actual truth is known. The Master does not show his face to anyone, unless you are unfortunate enough to incur his wrath. In which case if you see his face, you are as good as dead.

So if you want to hunt assassins, you have to be one. If you are thinking it is just a Horde organisation, you are wrong. There are humans, elves of both sides, worgen, goblin, gnome, dwarf, and also trolls, orcs and Pandaren. Any class that can be a rogue. In special cases I will allow hunters and druids.

If you want to be one of those trying to solve the crime I suggest you apply as a guardsman. But not as a cold blooded killer out to torture enemies, but as a law abiding citizen searching for justice. Does that make sense?
Yeah, just I sort of had the idea of being the mean yet guardian type guy so...would you like me to change my sign-up?
Name and race: Rogi "Murderbeard" Koruzak (Dwarf)

Gender and age: Male (374)

Class and faction: Rogue (Subtlety) Alliance

Basic description: Average height for a dwarf, along with the average weight. Orangish-blonde hair, long braided beard.

Armor and weapons: Light leather armor, hood and mask, to cover his identity. Two shard-looking daggers, and multiple smaller daggers, hidden his person. Also has throwing stars in a pouch on his belt, along with his poisons, tools, and smoke bombs.

Basic general history: Rogi was known for his secretive killing skills. Stormwind's SI:7 always counted on him for killing someone privately. Also if other assassins couldn't kill a local enemy, Rogi was called upon the cities of the Alliance to do so. But he just liked the thrill of killing and drinking ale after his deeds.

Brief summary of personality: Quiet yet hearty. Enjoys a good killing or ale. Can be your best friend, or worst enemy.

Reason you want in: Rogi heard about the Taipan across his travels in Azeroth and even in Outland. He overheard hushed conversations about. He heard and wished to join this group.
@Murderbeard, I think your sign up looks good. Keep in mind the Taipan has rogues whose sworn duty to the Master is to seek out potentials. They will know about you and your dossier will be in the Master's hands. They do not judge you on who you kill, but on how effective you are and the potential for improvement.

@Catheden, I suggest you sign up as a guardsman who is helping the Watch. You will be given an opportunity to go after the Taipan, but your chances of success are minimal. But being a guardsman has a lot of potential for excellent rp. Either use the DK as a character who is there mainly as a job, or use a person who is alive and working for Stormwind Guard. Any race is fine, but class is up to you. I mainly see guards as melee and wearing plate or at least mail armor.

Also if anyone wants to be a rogue working for SI:7 it's fine with me. They would know of the Taipan, and be actively working to destroy them.
(this is Amarlei alt, going to post on this character as the Master. And yes I know it is a warlock, I just like the sillouette portraying his secret identity.)

The silent steps of the Master as he wound his way down the passage to his inner Sanctuary were not done out of worry that someone would over hear him. It was his force of habit, long years of ingrained training. It was his way of remaining at the top of his chosen profession.

The passage was clear of spiders and other foul creatures by means of the floating guardians that swept it constantly. They were there courtesy of his lover, the Lady Lillideth Blacktalon. He tolerated her for many reasons. The physical did not mean as much to him as the sheer terror she could invoke in her enemies. He respected her and acknowledged her power, feeding off the souls he personally dispatched with a relish he found oddly exciting and compelling at the same time. It was like feeding flies to a praying mantis.

He had no doubts that to her he was expendable, he worked at staying in her good graces. Giving her room to be what she was, and staying true to his own life was a balancing act that gave him much satisfaction. He was treading on water at times and in danger of falling into the depths of lava in other times. But the sheer thrill of giving her pleasure and living another day was his only weakness. They did not see each other often, she preferred to pursue her own goals and left him to his. But when they did get together, it was well worth it.

His followers called themselves the Taipan, a name he thought fit them quite well. The deadly snake could kill with but a single drop of its powerful venom. He had a secure set up for keeping several of the reptiles for his own use. The laboratory in the depths of his Sanctum bred special mice to feed them. The keepers of his little animal operation were quite good at their craft.

As he wound his way to the bottom of his Sanctum he paused to utter the password to enter the final door. It was magically sealed and only admitted those who had the password. The purple flashing line ran around the doorway and opened to reveal the sumptuous and comfortable common room. As he stepped inside it closed again with a hiss behind him.

The common room held only a few who were recuperating from missions. They were of course at the moment prostrated on the floor in utter respect as he entered. He looked at them with an air of stern and unrelenting command. A human rogue who simply called himself Sam, was closest to him. His injuries made it difficult for him to move around, yet he had been the first one to hit the floor and lay there in homage to the Master.

The air seemed charged as the Master walked slowly into the room. Sam remained on the floor, waiting for permission to rise. There was a troll lying on the floor as well, his dark green hair tightly braided and snaking down his back. The troll was a long standing member of the Taipan, his duty was to the snakes, with the Loa of his people important to the upkeep and health of the program. His toothy grin implied insolence, but the Master knew where his loyalty lay. "Rise, Tai'Jin. And come with me to give your report."

The slow laconic drawl of Tai'Jin seemed soft in comparison to his size. "Da Masta speak, and Tai'Jin obeh." as he rose to his full height of seven feet. He followed the Master as the human continued to lay on the floor.
I am going to move the story part of this to an IC thread. I am hoping to get a few more to sign up with the guard and the hopefuls into the Taipan as well.
I would like to see the Watch Commander and his guards posting on their thoughts of the apparant questionable death of Jenkins. You may send out guards to question people. Forensics I leave to the Captain at his discretion. You may find the pinprick where the poison was administered.

At this point in time the girlfriend Sylvia Graystone will remain as my npc. You may have a discussion with her, I will leave it up to you to set up a time and place.

This is still open and I expect the main people I have already accepted to take time to make thoughtful posts about suspicions and theory.

Ask in here if you have any questions, be prepared to edit if I find your post needing help. I am not a horribly picky TM, but I expect more than a few lines. Take your time and make sure you note what has already happened and what I have posted is of limited knowledge to your characters.

As there are probably hundreds of unsolved murders on Azeroth, the rumors of an organisation of assassins abound. But very little is known except for the few who are actually in it.
So is the IC thread up? and can we post on it?
I said it was, go ahead and post if you are accepted.

Be careful you do not have your character knowing things IC that they would have no way of knowing. You can overhear conversation already spoken in Stormwind. Go by what the Watch Commander is posting if you are a guard. You can simply introduce your character into the story by hearing of the death and making comments on the facts I have given you.

I will be posting things as Zarnnier for the Taipan and using that to put npcs around Stormwind. You can see them and question them after I have posted. These npcs may give clues or false information. Be careful how you use the information. And have fun!
Good posts from both of you thanks. I will be continuing the story soon. I hope you are enjoying the slow unfolding of the Taipan. It was my original idea for a guild. But not sure if there is enough interest.
The plot thickens!! Still open by the way for anyone looking to join the thread. I will give you opportunities to go after Amarlei if she gets another hit on someone. Feel free to be a relative or friend of someone she kills.

Sylvia Grayson will be making an appearance and spreading rumors and being hysterical. Once she wakes up from the sedative.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Taipan should be recounting a successful kill, with finesse and subtlety. Let's give Malakai more things to do!
Very good Murderbeard! I want to ask you to do just a tad of editing, Please give your victims names and some reason why you killed them. Like a contracted hit or personal vengeance or whatever.

Also if you are aware, the Watch Commander will be investigating the crimes we committ, so be ready to answer questions here in the OOC channel on what clues they may find. And yes you have to leave some. You can be as subtle as you like.

Above all, have fun.
All right, investigators, in Jenkins house you will find: a shirt that is not hanging well in the closet, half off the hanger, the rest of the closet is neat and tidy. There are also long black hairs on one of his tunics. If you are observant, Sylvia is a blonde.

The bedroom window is wide open. There are vines that stretch from ground to roof, they appear to be missing some foliage. Most of which is on the ground below the window. The property is not fenced. The yard is generally kept pretty neat.

Sylvia Graystone is a ditsy blonde, not very smart. But she is definutely on to something if you question her closely. Jenkins often had meetings with strange people she did not know. He told her to forget them and would leave her alone in an outer room to make sure he was not disturbed when he had these meetings.
I think I have a character that will work for this. Still riddling through the reason why she is working on the case. It is a human hunter who could be used in tracking, so coming in a bit late would make sense.

Edit: sign up, although the reason for being there is still weak.

Name and race: Rhian Bardsley , Human

Gender and age: Female, 28

Class and faction: Hunter, Alliance

Basic description: Stands 5’8” with average weight. She has strawberry blonde hair that comes just past her shoulders, bright blue eyes and pale skin. There are no obvious birthmarks, moles, or scars visible while she is clothed. While fit, she isn’t extremely muscular, but is able to keep pace on foot over rough terrain due to her backwoods upbringing.

Armor and weapons: Wears a short sleeved mail vest over a dark brown shirt. There is a thick leather pad over the right shoulder. She has dark brown leather pants with a loose chain overlay. She has a hardened leather helm, soft leather boots and open-fingered leather gloves. Her primary weapon is a rifle complete with a long range scope. She owns a horse, but does not have a flying mount.

Animal companion is a large grayish brown wolf that usually answers to the name Longshore. While the animal seems content to just lie in front of a fire, she insists that he is actually useful in combat and not always a lazy fleabag.

Basic general history: Hailing from the Redridge Mountains, she grew up in the backwoods and eventually came into her own hunting and killing the creatures that threatened the local population, including the Blackrock Orcs that were pushing their way into the territory.

While she was happy that John Keeshan was willing to help fight off the threat of the Blackrock Orcs, she was a little disappointed to see him leave Lakeshire since she had a secret crush on him. She was devastated when the reports of his death came in, although it meant that the current threat of the Blackrock Orcs was nearly gone. Deciding that she could either stay and mope over an unrequited crush or move on and do something useful, she opted for something useful.

Brief summary of personality: Even tempered and usually agreeable, she has a laconic quality that at times seems at odds with her easy going pace. She displays a good amount of caution when dealing with an unknown situation and is patient to wait things out. She is a bit socially awkward, due to the amount of time she has spent alone in the backwoods.

Reason you want in: Called in by request of the city guard for her ability as a tracker (and chosen because of the wolf) she is basically being paid to help with the investigation.
Love to have you! I know the story seems tame now, but I promise it will build up if we work on it. A hunter called in to track the assassin would be good. Keep in mind Amarlei is only one of my characters in this. I intend on making the Master a good part of it as well.

He will be a shadowy figure controlling rogues of all races and both factions. He will attempt to keep the Taipan out of the spotlight. But it is possible for someone to infiltrate it.
Alright, let me read over the IC again and I will work on getting a post up. It may not be until tomorrow morning, but it should just be her alone. Right now it looks like she may first be contacting (or contacted by) Malakai since he seems to be the one stepping up to take charge on the Alliance side--but that won't be in the first post.

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