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Don't forget to give us a sign up sheet Evara. I will accept you anyway. But I like to see what you have brought us.
Name and race: Aldiran Drax (Kaldorei)

Gender and age: Male (349)

Class and faction: Alliance Warrior

Basic description: Stands tall at 8'1. Stronger than the average kaldorei. He weighs a bit more due to his size and muscular figure. His skin is light blue shade. Not the smartest kaldorei in the world.

Armor and weapons: Heavy plated armor, all matching to make him look even more intimidating than normal. He wields two giant obsidian axes that could probably cut a tauren in half.

Basic general history: He was born in the dark and cold atmosphere of Northrend. In the icy tundras of Icecrown. He doesn't have many friends, but he has protected the ones he has. But if he fails at protecting them, he goes after the murderer and slaughters them.

Brief summary of personality: Quiet, short-tempered, and hates murderers, thieves, and crooks.

Reason you want in: Aldiran has heard multiple rumors about the murder of his friend, Captain Jenkins, and wishes to investigate his death. He has also heard some rumors about a small organization having to do with stealth and mischief.
I like it Aldiran, I am sure that Malakai will welcome your help. I am happy we can get a few more into this.

@Murderbeard, if you would please come in either OOC or IC and give a few details, we can build some more suspense.
Sorry, I tucked the sign up sheet in my first post and thought you saw it. I will repost when I get back to my computer.
Oops, sorry I see it now. I did not look at the post for editing. Yes your sign up is fine. Keep it up I love the posts so far.
sorry bout the little absence, what details you need??
Names of the people, and any clues you might have inadvertently left. Your own reasons for the killings, contract or simply a murder?
there you go, i fixed it up a bit to show some details.
I went back and adjusted the time for my post from evening to afternoon. Not sure why I was thinking it was evening. Perhaps I just needed more coffee.
where are you Amarlei??? I need you! I wish to fight the troll!
I am here, Alabron, its Thanksgiving man, chill!! LOL the troll is not the one that is looking for Amarlei to give her the next assignment. And if you want to fight him go ahead and use him like any npc. I give you permission to have him follow you out the door and fight. But make it a good fight.

I am in and out of the forums today, but not much time for posting. If you give a good fight scene the Taipan will notice you, but remember if you have invisible pets, that is a bit OP. And yes I know they have cats and so forth in game that can stealth.

Also Alabron, if you are looking to join the Taipan, keep in mind their tactics are to remain unseen and hidden, not out in the open fighting anything unless attacked. Self defense is one thing, An assassin is a silent invisible killer that leaves little to no trace. Remaining in disguise and staying OUT of the limelight.
I posted, hope it was a good fight...i realize i left a whole bunch of evidence, but it was in self-defense since the troll attacked first for one and two it was out in the public.
I posted last night, hope it is accepted and good enough for the thread.
@Aldiran, I think you are one tough warrior. Just a bit Overpowered though, you are saying you singlehandedly attacked and killed all those in the Arena and just walk away? Remember this is going to be like a game of cat and mouse. You will not be allowed to just walk up to Amarlei and kill her because you think she killed your friend. There is not enough evidence for you to know that, especially since you do not even know if Jenkins was murdered or what the detectives have already uncovered.

I do hope you will be speaking to Malakai and be willing to help him in whatever capacity.

@Alabron, if your pet is there helping you it must break stealth to attack. And if you are looking to join the Taipan you need to be more subtle and maybe set some traps or something. I will grant you the troll attacked first and you did well. But that is not something the Taipan would be concerned about. You are just another tavern brawler in their eyes.
I made it so he was injured severely..took a beating from probably at least half the people he faced. Plus i never mentioned the others in the arena, just that eight in particular there faced him. There could've been others.
Sorry Aldiran you are too heavy handed, tone it down. You are not invincible. Read the forum stickies on the top.

This is not a pvp arena, this is a murder mystery with a secret organisation to track down. If you want to be a gladiator then join one of the threads that feature it.
@Alabron, I know you are trying to get into the Taipan, but you might be trying a bit too hard. Take a clue from Amarlei, she is currently in the bar as herself and just having a drink and a meal. Her business was concluded without breaking her cover. She and the dwarf merely talked about the food and their respective trades. Amarlei IS a leatherworker, she advertises as such. She does not run around telling everyone she is a killer.

Your character looks like he is coming on to her and it will likely cause her to just tell him to bug off and she will leave. You have no way of knowing at this point who she is or that she is a member of the Taipan.

The black haired dwarf was her contact. And he knew her because he is one of the top officers in the organisation. They watch people, have stealthed rogues in place to keep an eye out for potential recruits. He is an engineer, he watches people and stays out in the open as an engineer, he does not brag about his kills and neither will Amarlei.

The key here is like espionage, if you are a mole, set in place as an informant and gathering data, you want to be as unobstrusive as possible.

If you are a Master Assassin, you know who you are, you let very few if anyone know your true identity. If you are outed by someone, you would be hunted down, so no one knows who you are. My warlock is playing the part of the Master of the Taipan. But he is hooded and cloaked when he is meeting with his members. Only one knows who he really is, and that is his second in command. All the rest merely know of his shadowy form glimpsed or his voice behind a wall or curtain.

He uses many of his rogues to sit and wait out of sight to gather information. They send him their findings. He sends them gold. They are only recruited by junior members of the organisation, having never met him. There is a box at the bank in Booty Bay that is like a personal mailbox. Think of it like a bus station with private lockers.

Thusly, he will know what you are doing, he will receive a report on the death of the troll. So far, you just need to soften it up a bit, do not be so obviously a killer. Let me post the next part in Amarlei's contract. She will be assigned to kill someone. You will see how she does it.

Think of a way to be subtle about the kill, like a trap in the woods, or leading the mark off into the jungle and dispatching them with animals or something.
Are you still accepting sign-ups??
Just as an FYI, I will not have access to my computer for about three days. Hopefully, I can get the old laptop to work, but no promises. I should be back on Tuesday or Wednesday night. I know this is bad timing. If Turle can get something up within the next hour or so, I should be able get a response up before we break the desktops down.
@Firness, I am still, it's going to depend on where you think you might fit in. But please follow the format, thanks.

@Evara, Not a big problem. We can work around you. I wanted to point out, if you are using the wolf to track Amarlei. This might be big trouble for Amarlei. I can see he might be able to catch a whiff of a blood elf if you have had him tracking any Horde or some experience with using him to track a supect or maybe a lost person.

But he cannot speak and I am imagining there are other Sindorei who sneak into Stormwind. I like how you are portraying him as being sensitive to something. But she has not left anything substantial around as evidence besides the hair and I am sure all the handling it had with the gnome forensic team, its pretty much spoiled for use as a tracking aid.

Amarlei is going to be using some very sneaky means to try and get to Sylvia. But this time it will be a slow acting poison that will knock her out and put her in a coma. I am trying to inspire those who want into the Taipan to use more subtle methods.

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