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just wished to sign-up my sword mage
Name and race: Korrzair Swiftblade (Kaldorei)

Gender and age: Male (173)

Class and faction: Swordmage (Alliance)

Basic description: He stands tall at 7'2 and has long purple hair going down to the center of his back. His skin is a darker shade of pink. His eyes are naturally a greyish color, but with his use of arcane energy, his eyes change to pure white. He looks too bulky to be a mage, yet too intellengent to be a simple barbarian.

Armor and weapons: He usually wears simple cloth armors and a spell staff. But he also can wear his chain mail armor, along with his two duel swords. He uses the arcane to form blades, ranged weapons, and elementals to harm his foes. He uses the arcane magic to form barriers, body armor, or other types of elementals to protect him. On his palms, he has tattoos of runes, they have been enhanced to glow anytime he casts a spell of any sort.

Basic general history: As a young boy, his parents fought with each other to see who got to teach him their ways. His mother was a warrior sentinal, and his father a smart highborne mage. They both decided to secretly teach their son how their ways of fighting and protecting themselves. Korrzair then was told to practice when he was alone, so he did. But while he did so, he mixed the arts of war with the Ways of the Arcane and learned new abilities.

Brief summary of personality: He is an intellegent man who can not only cast from afar, but fight up close and personal as well. He is clever in finding out strategies and weaknesses in others.

Reason you want in: He heard about Captain Jenkins' death and wishes to investigate and see if it was indeed of natural causes, or if someone had planned the murder all along.
@Korrazir, although I did not state so at the beginning, I would prefer you are either a mage, OR a warrior. Mixed classes to me are not as good. If you are familiar with D&D games, you lose a bit of each specialty when you mix classes. A battlemage does not really exist in WOW. Outside of an occational npc.

If you choose to continue this vein, and I am not saying it is bad, remember that your abilities are halved. You are not as good of a mage as a pure mage, your spells would not be as strong or potent. And you are not going to be that strong of a warrior, because you would be stopping to cast. Does that make sense?

Also if you want to be a member of the investigative team, you could be a member of the Watch, or if you prefer a member of the military who might give the Watch Captain a hard time and get in his way? So many ways you could rp it. I would like some idea how you intend on handling it.
Alright, thats fine, I know all about the powers being halved and everything, but if you dont want mixed classes thats fine, we can go with Korr just being a mage. Also I can be a member of the watch.
All right then Korrzair, give us an entrance and maybe a reason to be in the watch, like a bit of background and some idea of your specialty as it regards the city Watch.
@Korrzair, nice and short, you can elaborate all you want. I am sure Malakai will have questions for you. All the evidence and so forth has already been cited. Look through the posts for Turle, that is Malakai's controller. He has listed all the things found so far on forensics and what they have been doing.

You can theorize, or look through evidence as the gnomes may let you. There is a certain undercurrent I am trying to release slowly into the story. If you look at the first post for Amarlei, she took something from Jenkins body.

Also if anyone gets to investigate Sylvia's apartment I will detail it more fully. She is obviously someone who is using men to support herself. Perhaps there is something there?

Amarlei has not left much of a trail. But she is not foolproof. And yes she wears gloves most of the time. So when she was in Jenkin's house she left nothing besides the few strands of hair. No fingerprints. And now that a couple days have passed, the trail for the wolf to follow will be crossed with a lot of others.

You are all missing some of the others I have put into the story as clues. Why was Jenkins killed? Who put out the contract? The Taipan only takes on the most difficult of hits. Are they really an evil organisation or a force for good? Strict discipline yes, training of talented rogues and assassins, yes.

Evil is sometimes just for evil's sake, like a chaotic maniac. But sometimes there is such a thing as necessary, surgical strikes for good. Think about it.
Posted some flavor for the story. If anyone wants to have a look at the Recluse, here is a good opportunity to discover some clues about Jenkins. I will post it here so you can incorperate it into the story.

Jenkins liked to sit in the Recluse and tell tales about his days on the front lines. He would flirt with anyone, but he particularly mentioned liking warlocks for their slightly morbid or naughty ways. He really had no idea of what they were like, since none would have anything to do with him.

Sylvia met him there and took a liking to him. They have only been seeing each other for about a month. Everyone in the tavern has speculated on his cause of death and they all have opinions. Some even suspect Sylvia.

Have fun with it guys!
It appears we have a few things happening, and not much response from the posters, except for mine and Turle's. I do not expect a post everyday, but at least keep up with the thread.

This is still open for mystery affectionados as well as spy loving rpers. If I have to introduce more characters for you to interact with I will.

I know the holidays have some of you busy and school as well. Post when you can.
So where is everyone? Signing up for a thread means I hope to see some action from you, so far its just been two of us carrying the story. Korrzair? I am hoping you will provide some input and interact with the hunter Rhian and her wolf. You could help them by perhaps picking up some kind of residue left by illusionary magic?

Hasn't anyone watched programs like NCIS or whatever? You have to stick with the premise their forensics team will not catch everything. But so many clues have been left for you to comment on.
They are running behind on the floors so my computer is down with the Internet--I can try to get something up with my phone (like now) but it won't be much of a post.
Whole post typed out on my phone--please excuse any typos I missed.
Amarlei, my apologies for being tardy to the fun. Is there still room for me?

My hook is that I am in Dalaran, and the gossip of my good friend's death is just now arriving there. She can easily teleport to Stormwind and offer her assistance to the watch commander, as well as spend a little time with Sylvia.

Engage in a little "girl to girl" talk to see if I can find out anything further from her, as well as offer to retrieve some fresh clothes for her from her apartment. And offer the watch commander a little security in that if something should happen where they are holding Sylvia, I can transport her out, and return via the Mage Tower.

Let me know if this is acceptable,or not. I will understand if not, I am a little late for the party.
Perfectly acceptable Wyntar. Please feel free to post as coming to the city of Stormwind for the funeral or whatever. I am going to set that up today and give a bit more story.
Post up. And thank you. I'll try to stay on top of it.
Posted the General coming to get Jenkins body. If anyone wants to post they can be working on setting up the funeral arrangements. I expect some objections from the investigating officers...where is your murder victim going? Oh General Bates is legitamite. Not a rogue in disguise.

Wyntar, you could be Waltzing into Watch headquarters, but Sylvia is no longer there. SOMEONE spirited her off and is trying to keep her hidden. But its ok since Amarlei retreated for now. She hopes Sylvia is too much of a bimbo to say anything important. But it is kind of strange to her to have a hit out on the blonde since she seems to be kind of dense.

The dwarf is someone I put in there to follow Amarlei. He will be suggesting things to her soon. He is part of the Taipan.
For all the whining about threads not happening here, I am disappointed I don't have more creative people posting. I do want more people. If you sign up I expect to see some posts. I have given you all kinds of places to react and chime in. From the taverns to the Watch head quarters. The sidewalks of the city and the canals. The Mage District now and the possibility of a Forsaken warlock with evil intentions not connected with Sylvannus.

Still open for creative people to sign up!
Floors are done and internet is connected again. Posted! I plan to have some fun with Longshore's nose and Rhian's inability to interpret what he is trying to tell her because of the shape shifting potions.
Good post Evara, thanks. I am sure the wolf will pick up on the undead in the Slaughtered Lamb, but the warlock is also disguised as a human, though he is now holding most of the warlocks in Stormwind under his power. But you are not near it yet.

I will tell you he can follow Amarlei's scent to the canals. She uses them a lot to get away without leaving much of a trail.
It's too bad that more are not interested in this story. I will continue it and try to make it interesting for those who have stayed.
Edited typos in my post and added some adjectives to how she actually sounds--she needs a few redeeming qualities. I honestly didn't intend this going in but she is turning into the anti-Sylvia. Comparing and contrasting the pair should be a whole lot of fun.

Amarlei crossed a canal going out, did she not? Also, she came back to Old Town to the Pig and Whistle and moved back out again, correct? I am mulling over just how confusing this is going to be for Longshore and what the tracking will entail as he picks up and loses various scents.

At this point, he isn't tracking her specifically, but she is one of several scents that he will end up following. I think it will take longer to actually narrow down which scent he actually wants and once that happens, how to pin her down since she is shape shifting. Perhaps time enough for another murder?

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