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Yes Amarlei is after Sylvia, but she is going to have a much harder time of it. She is aware of the Watch nosing around, but has no clue yet that a wolf is tracking her. She does however use water as an aid to interrupt a trail. Much like a fox being chased by hounds will swim a distance to throw them off the scent.

Although Jenkins was murdered and was undoubtably tricked into using a fetish as an aid, his murder was necessary. Sylvia is now the one who is going to be after the King. She will attempt to trick someone into carrying the fetish to him.

It will be interesting to see how Longshore will react to smelling the Forsaken and if he can convey that to Rhian. It depends on how far you go into the Mage District and if you go to Sylvia's apartment. Which is if anyone digs deep enough, a hotbed of clues.
Not even sure if the dwarf rogue is coming back, I have not seen him since the start of the thread. Guess he will be getting away scott free.

I could have another character come in and do some murders however, even a disposeable character I don't mind losing. I kind of like the idea of a dwarf rogue, hardly anyone plays them.
Shall I try to come up with dwarf rogue to take the place of the one we've seem to have lost? I think I can come up with something rather bawdy.
Great Idea Evara! It will give you something for Longshore to track and have fun with. I welcome anyone who wants to do more than one character.
I am generally terrible at more than one character, but I shall endeavor! I'll think through the idea tonight and hopefully get something up for a character sheet tomorrow.
I am bit confused on the time... so I may have to change my post. Is it very early morning or later in the evening? She may have to skip out to shoot some ducks depending on the time.

As for the dwarf, he isn't looking so good at the moment. I'll still tinker around with it but it just isn't coming together. Murderbeard needs to get back here.
You don't have to make him a continuing character, just make an npc and then you can defeat him, along with Malakai and it will provide closure to that murder scene. Does that make sense?

I doubt Murderbeard is coming back.

I still have this open if anyone wants to sign up.
12/05/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Amarlei
You don't have to make him a continuing character, just make an npc and then you can defeat him, along with Malakai and it will provide closure to that murder scene. Does that make sense?

I can do that.
This is Amarlei alt, going to post as the dwarf rogue who is mentoring her, he is also second to the Master in Taipan.
I should get another installment up for the lad who was watching the house up sometime tomorrow. I'll eventually get it to the point where Longshore runs into him again and gives chase... much to the horror and chagrin of Rhian.
You also have another murder to chase after. If you have any questions just ask.
You are both doing fantastic. Evara you may note that now several paths are open to the wolf to track and he might get confused as to which one you want him to go after. I like the way you are headed. I will throw you clues here and there IC.

Feel free, both of you to stop citizens and ask questions. There are bound to be some witnesses. Cut throat Alley is a hotbed. The Slaughtered Lamb is going to be extremely dangerous. Though there are watchers there as well who will warn the warlock, and his minions are the warlocks of Stormwind, with their demons. I am expecting a minor riot to also cause trouble for Malakai.

Amarlei is in Old Town in an old building that has been abandoned. Right now she is just watching for an opportunity to get at Sylvia. Though she may get creative as soon as night falls. You both don't need to be round the clock on this storywise. Feel free to have them rest and eat.
12/09/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Amarlei
Feel free, both of you to stop citizens and ask questions. There are bound to be some witnesses. Cut throat Alley is a hotbed.

Rhian just doesn't think this way--or at least not yet anyway. She is a hunter and will rely heavily on Malakai's input. she can track and find many avenues for tracking but for putting information together, that is Turle's area.

12/09/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Amarlei
Amarlei is in Old Town in an old building that has been abandoned.

Chances are pretty good that Longshore will be able to pick up her scent --if-- they head in that direction; which they may or may not do. At this point, Rhian is just following Malakai's lead. I am doing my best to leave the anthropologist behind and concentrate on what a backwoods hunter would know.

If they backtrack, Longshore will pick up the scent and follow it, but it might be a good "scare" scene in which they realize that one of the murders is watching Malakai's house (but not find Amarlei).

As for the dwarf, resolution should be coming soon. I need some time to pass to afford them opportunity to put a plan in place and execute it. We'll see if I can get some dichotomy going when that happens. Kid may make a good side npc... we'll see what works out with him.

Rhian needs to meet Sylvia. I think the scene should prove quite uncomfortable for Malakai and Blackstone (and therefore vastly entertaining for me). Morning is wearing on and they are only human. At some point they will need to call it quits and get some rest.
Sylvia is a Cultist, I have no idea if Longshore can pick up on that or not. She is a human, she is smarter than she is coming off, if that makes sense. But if Blackstone takes her "gift to the King, it will be bad news. I am thinking it will simply be a cursed object that will make him go slightly crazy.

It may have an effet on Blackstone, that is up to Turle to think about. Though I wanted something to happen to get him out of the house and heading to the Keep. I think I will try and get to an epic conclusion here soon.

I had an idea but it may have to wait, since Longshore does know Amarlei's scent, she would have to do this when he is not around Malakai.

Good job both of you.

Wish I could take this kind of rp in game!
Just a heads up, Evara, I'm going to "fast forward" through the boarding house scene so I can get us back to Sylv and Blackstone in my next post.
I plan to take care of the dwarf soon--I am scripting out some stuff now. I just need a decent enough opening. I don't plan on killing him, but thinking that he can be captured and perhaps provide some information on why these murders are happening. He can then go and rot in the Stockaids... although if I use Rhian in this capacity again, he might be a good underworld information NPC.

I think I know what I am going to do concerning Longshore and Sylvia, but it will be something that will need to be riddled out as to why. As for Amarlei getting Malakai alone without Longshore (and therefore Rhian), I am certain that Sylvia could come up with a way to get the pair to part. I think it would be interesting scene if he meets with the murderer without realizing at first who she is.

I'd like Longshore to track down some of the places where Amarlei has been, but in the end, I am thinking that you'd like her to get away? Gerry is up in the air, although he is nervous and will probably end up making a mistake. How his story ends should be interesting.

Rhian does want to get a look inside the bag that was found in Sylvia's apartment which she thinks will give a clue as to whether or not Jenkins was murdered by a male or female (that epiphany is coming).
Well there, I got Blackstone out so maybe Amar may have a window at Sylvia.
All right, Amarlei made her hit and is on her way to Booty Bay. You can track her movements Rhian, but you will not catch her yet. Sylvia is dying and will pass without waking up. She is still breathing and seems asleep. Sorry there is no antidote and no way to save her.

You will however find some interesting things if you get around to searching her bag. Inside is a jewelers kit, make up and a hairbrush. Also a small fetish one would expect to find on a Cultist. It is a likeness of Deathwing about three inches long and carved from wood. It fairly reeks of fel power. Likely to be noticed by the wolf. It was what caused her to be under the control of the warlock who is still in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb. Oh and those searching the body of the warlock who was murdered will find one of these as well in her pocket.

The Kaldorei is one of my characters on Cenarion Circle. She is a SI:7 agent and has stopped Blackstone from making his delivery. If he hands over the package she will take it to headquarters and have them examine it. He might be feeling better once it is out of his hands. But sadly he will not be happy I am sure when he finds out what it is. Or when he finds out Sylvia is dead.

OH! Evara, Turle and I were thinking of taking this to in game rp on Moonguard or Cenarion Circle. I would love to get something going in game. I was thinking of making the Taipan for Amarlei and have a character I want to use as a Alli priestess for it. Cyaer and I have a team but we have not done much with them, I wanted a story we could relate to and having a Watch Special Investigation Unit would be fun! This is on MG.

CC would be open as well on Alli side. I am torn as to which server. I think it would be better on MG for the amount of rp there is, but not sure if it would be accepted as a guild of investigators. CC already has a Stormwind Watch guild I have rped with in the past. Not sure if they are still active though.
I do not have a character (or a human hunter for that matter) on Moonguard, but as long as we are based in a low level zone for a while, it shouldn't be a problem. Personally, I like the idea of an investigative RP but I like mysteries and crime shows so you really don't have to twist my arm much.

My only characters on CC are with the Fellowship, but I don't have one there that I think I would use for this--so either realm, I would start from scratch. In all honesty, I'd like an in-game RP character that isn't a blood elf but am fine to go with either Alliance or Horde.
I made a human priest named Vivieka on Moonguard. I suggest you go with a hunter, either human or worgen if you want to do something different. If Cyaer joins us and Turle we can make a guild on Alliance side, I am thinking something like CSI-Azeroth? Or similar, I am waiting for Turle to come back. He is on late at night and I think we can get a little time in late evenings or his day off, at least on Sunday he has more free time I think?

I would like to see Cyaer as either paladin, (he is a great pally!) or warrior and as part of the crime fighters. Why do I see him as someone like Blackstone? But make your own character Cyaer and use whatever you want, even a gnome forensic expert? We could make more than one character each and have some as victims! I am willing to have a low level character die in the name of rp!

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