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I made a human hunter per your suggestion. I was finally able to get a name accepted: Learia. I cheered as it was my seventh attempt.

Would it be easier to bill the guild as a PI firm? We could give ourselves a fancy name made up of one or two of the character's last names or we could name it after a founding member who is no longer alive (or active in working). Just some ideas along the same vein.

As for me and time, Sunday evenings are open for me again, although I am in the east so late for me isn't necessarily late you for. Cy is central, isn't he? This is a busy time of year for me, so I would not be able to be on a whole lot initially.
The only trouble I can see is getting time to be together. Yes Sunday is good. Moonguard realm time is two hours past my time. Should be local for Cyaer I think, if it is for you? I will list times as realm times and Sunday at anytime after 2 realm time is good for me. I have a later in evening rp scheduled after 9 realm time. So it needs to be before that.

I will put up a thread asking for some member interest as soon as I can get with Turle and see how he wants to do it. I think private investigator would be great! Hmm, about Azeroth Crime Scene Investigations. If we go with a guard themed guild. For private investigator...Inquiry. Maybe with something to go with it like a name. Just brainstorming now.
I thought about resolving the dwarf, but figured that poor Malakai would collapse from a coronary if someone else was attacked. I think it would be a good boost for the character to be there when it happens so he can make the arrest and get a little of his confidence back.

We still need to corner Blackstone and get his story about Sylvia, the expert to come in an explain the fetish that was found on her person, and the SI:7 agent could probably shed some light with what is going on, too.

A few things to wrap up but not too bad. I have to admit that this was fun!
Sunday afternoons are good for me.
And yes, I am Central Standard Time zone. Thank you for the compliment on the paladin, Amarlei. I could do a paladin, I like them.
However, I kind of see me doing a gnome too. Now that would be a stretch for me to role play! (I'm 6'9" IRL).
I'm a big CSI fan of the original and Miami, not too much on the New York show though. I like the idea of this for an in-game RP too.
This is great! I also want to do things much like we did with the guild on CC. Some kind of Journal to keep track of things and help us to stay in character when we cannot be in game.

Cy, I love the idea of you as a gnome if you want to make one thats fine. Not sure what role you want to play in the rp. I have two other characters I want to use for this. One is Barl Thunderbeard. He is my dwarf rogue and will be an SI:7 agent who is also tied to the Taipan. Of course the SI:7 has no idea of his connections to it, (officially) though some of the higher ups may have an interest in it.

That means any of you are invited to make more than one character if you want to. I also have Vivieka the priest, who will be a doctor. I can see that it will probably be just the three of us, but I would like to get more interest by keeping it active on the forum. I have a couple of friends I may get into it for occational appearances. At least to get the Azeroth CSI started.

Anyone else have name ideas? I am not sure if I can get that name for a guild. I will be searching out any Stormwind Guard rp guilds and see if they are willing to have our little guild as a separate but connected rp. It would be a way to get more rp in game.

My favorite tv show and my mom loves it too is NCIS. Mark Harmon is one of my favorite actors. I love how that whole team works and I would like to see something like that in our rp.
Sorry my post didn't move thing along further. I am dead tired and just gave up after an hour.

I love NCIS too, also Criminal Minds, and yes, I have a List.

For a name, what if we used something in combination with "Old Town"?
I am in game with Cy right now if you want to come and sign the Charter, I got the name Azeroth CSI. I was surprised I got it. Hopefully we can find a few more to join us.
Not getting much interest for a guild on Moonguard, we made a couple characters on CC and maybe we can do it there. They already have a Stormwind Guard type guild, I think it is a level 25 too. We could join that and have some perks. I am not sure MG is the right server for this idea. I think it is too crowded and the ERP in Goldshire is kind of distracting to newer players rolling there. At least on CC the GS is limited to a few duellers, nothing more.

Anyway I need your opinion folks, You think CC would be better for this? If you have room that is. I had one slot open. ANd I made a Sylvia Graystone!
Either way, I am not too picky. RPing anything in Goldshire on Moonguard would be hard and would probably be best done in party chat, having the area less crowded would make it much easier to have a place to RP outside of the city.

As for CC, I have plenty of room for another character, but I can go with either server.
I'm as flexible as needs be. I can bring a character to CC just as well. Alliance? Please?

I'm just growing tired of the Horde for now, but I'll go with whatever the group decides.

I did talk to several folks on MG, and I found it is a CST server. As hard as it is to get on that server, I may find myself playing there more often as most people are there when I can play.

(edited for content)
It appears as if CC is more welcoming than MG. I did make a character, this one. And I have found a guild who may be interested in giving us a place to rp as part of its ongoing rp. I have yet to speak to the GM, but I know him from playing on CC before. Good rpers all.

My biggest problem is space. Sylvia makes character #11. I would have to do some fancy MRP work to get some of my other Alli characters to fit in, though that is not hard. I could actually eliminate a couple I am not using.

I could use Viragona as a super villian type and Jahana as the Horde rogue infiltrating SW. Of course that means leveling her...which is not a bad idea, except they have nerfed rogues so bad I am reluctant to actually play them except for rp.

We could start working with the Stormwind City Watch however I am sure they would love a few new recruits. Oh I started a thread on CC forum if you want to add anything.
Just a thought, with cross realm zoning we could make this work. It would involve using battletags, which I do not mind doing at all. That way I can make a character on any realm and have it summoned via battle tags to do the rp.
I should be able to get something up tonight, just not certain when. Our big holiday party is tomorrow and we are in crunch time; but things are almost done so I should have some time this evening that doesn't involve washing, chopping, or slicing.

I will admit, that part of me is waiting for Sylvia to turn out to be a warlock and use a soul-stone. Poor coroner gnomes...
Oh Evara, you gave me such a laugh, I never thought of Sylvia as a warlock. Anyway, we do need to see if you can meet with us and get into the Stormwind City Watch. If nothing else we can use the higher level guild to give us the exp and other perks while we level.

You will have to talk to one Orwyn on CC and that probably after I talk to him about what we are doing. I have also been approached by someone wanting the Taipan. If that idea gets popular for even a few people it would be fun. Though I do not want those who are going to go about raging "I am an assassin!"

Any idea when you can be in game? If all else fails and the Stormwind City Watch is not what we want I have the Phoenix Fellowship still and we can use it as a Private Investigator firm.
I can hop in anytime tonight for a few minutes to join, but won't be on for long. Otherwise, Sunday afternoon would be best for me.

"Learia" was taken, so I opted for "Lyaria" on CC - just let me know when you talk to Orwyn. The toon on MG is level 10 (so I could get a different wolf); I have not done anything but make the toon on CC, but will probably level to 10 before I try to introduce her RP-wise.
At this point I think it best we join the SCW, and try and join in on anything they have going. We will level faster and have time for rp and getting to know the talented writers on CC. If you want a good read there is a story on the CC forums that is amazing.

I can only hope we can be involved in more of these stories and possibly start our own. But we will have to go carefully and make sure we are not stepping on any toes in our rp.

In game leveling now if anyone wants to join me.
Chances are pretty good that I will not get a post up today.

I'll plan on getting in the game sometime tomorrow on CC and level the hunter to 10. SCW is fine, I'd like to see how they build their RP's for investigation style scenarios.
Alliance side rp on CC is very active and I found quite a few fun people in random rp. I am getting a lot of encouragement for Sylvia wanting to be a medical examiner. I have stopped her at 13 until the rest of you catch up.

Sylvia has made a few friends and managed to approach a few members of the Watch, though I have not had a chance to meet with Orwyn, (the Watch GM) I have exchanged a few letters with him in game and he wants to talk to us about it.
Heading in game now. I'll add Sylvia to my friend's list.
After two days I'll nudge this forward a little. We are so close to finishing that I hate to see it die now.

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