H <Purple Penguins> Vanilla / BC guild

Bleeding Hollow
We now raid BWL / AQ40 with all other 60s via xrealms every week on monday at 8 pm eastern. CLEARED ALL CLASSIC CONTENT :D

Also doing 70s only raids via xrealms as well

add my battletag OldLemon#1883 if you have any questions
bump. got a lot of interest but only a couple have actually committed to make a character for this. only need a few more
I am interested in this idea, tired to locate you on your server to ask more questions to you but you wasn't on and your guildies from purple wasn't as well, also "a farwell to kings" people wouldn't answer whispers lol. Any contact info to ask you questions?
hit me up on real id oldLemon#1883
how do you add people by battletags? never done it and apparently its not the same way as real id
just go to add friend and type oldLemon#1883
I can not get it to work all it keeps saying is player not found. try adding me Dragonzord#1301
need like one or two healers and a couple dps and then we are set
Im down for this. I'll level a paladin!
bump. got a few 60s now and more on the way. We dont have a Priest, Paladin, or Hunter yet
got all the classes now. Still need an off tank, couple healers, and moar dps
need more dps
Hey, I'm really intereseted in this, seeing as how i never got to Raid old content, ill level up a toon on your server! what faction are we doing?
im up for this, what server
and is there a way to contact u?
also what do u need ?
Do you need a rogue?
im up for this, what server
and is there a way to contact u?
also what do u need ?

Bleeding Hollow, battletag OldLemon#1883, basically play anything you want (no dks or monks)

12/09/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Yodalol
Do you need a rogue?

sure we could use anything
no BEs, goblin or pandas either?
any race is fine, I was accepting dks / monks when i first started out to fill raid spots but i have enough people now to where i can deny any new dks / monks. who wants to roll a panda anyway

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