H <Purple Penguins> Vanilla / BC guild

Bleeding Hollow
Cleared AQ10 /flex. Need more to start MC
could really use some decursers
Hi, just saw your post on another thread and im interested in joining your guild, raided hard core back in vanilla, what kinda classes are you most in need of? im willing to start a new one from level1 so im up for pretty much any class.
I do not have a 60 mage yet or rogue, but i am in need of anyone who can decurse, add my battletag OldLemon#1883 if you want to talk in game
do you guys do any of the vanilla 40 man raids?? im trying to find a guild to do them some time
yes we have cleared MC. We need more to start BWL
Id be interested! Im also down for creating a level 70 sister guild if you'd like! I have a 70 twink as well and tried starting a BC guild will little progress.
ehh idk about doing 70 stuff yet. Many members enjoyed BC as did I but we want to do vanilla for a while. Once we feel like we are bored we plan to make new toons and take those to 70 and by that time i may open the guild up to an all around twink / bc - vanilla raiding guild
Extremely interested in this, will make a disc priest.
bomp still lacking mages
Had enough people stay after MC tonight and we tried BWL. Got razorgore down but kael hits real hard. We need more bodies to progress further into BWL. Accepting anything
Need more bodies to go further into BWL, we got razorgore down
We now raid BWL / AQ40 with other level 60s via xrealms everyweek. No longer do we need numbers to fill up our raid.

So if anyone is interested in doing classic content with all level 60s or want to twink pvp at 60, this is the guild for you.

Also thinking about adding BC and other twink brackets as well
cthun down

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