Shaman: Dwarf vs Draenei

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Troll female. If you go troll and make it a herbalist you've got the best burst racial/prof perk ever for elemental. Oh, and you'll be a sexy blue woman!

But seriously. Of those two races, I can't say I like either, both for racials and appearance. But draenei males can be really good looking.

But, if you plan on being resto, I'd go draenei. An extra heal is always good.

And if enhancement, then dwarf. The racial ability must be some good for melee. If you go dwarf and name yourself some variation of "Tokoloshe", I'll love you forever. But WoW dwarves suck.

Neither are shamanistic and in my opinion, were only allowed to be shamans so Alliance would have some options for shaman.
Pandaren, of course!
Not enough redheads. Dwarf shamans are wildhammer, should be redhead!

am i red enough?

Yes. Now if Blizz only allowed for wildhammer tatoos/painting. Maybe when they make the new models they'll allow wildhammer/dark iron dwarves.

What you need now is a bigass hammer, and a gryphon.
Once you go female dwarf, you never go back.

Draenei, much better looking!
Pandaren, obviously.

Draenei, much better looking!
not seein it, nop. Pandaren are waaaay better looking!

Draenei, much better looking!

Don't waste all that epic "mail-kini" transmog gear on a dwarf!
Got to go female shape goat.
Dwarves! They fit the class better than space shamans!
11/12/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Springrunner
From those I like the draenei better, but I actually don't think the whole shamanism fits them very well. They look more... priesty. I'd say dwarf. Make him redhead. The wildhammer are long time friends of the elves, I approve of them.

Do you really want to be known as "a long time friend of the elves?" Really? Some elf's friend? Draenei shaman have more shaman lore. More in this case being subjective to the two lines of lore Dwarf shaman got last expansion.

And you get to be an edgy cultural misfit. A rebel. All the bible-thumping, Light fearing stiffs we be like "my word!" and you won't care. Because you're an outsider.
Draenei. Obviously.
I'm sorry. From my perspective the decision is clear. There really is no choice.

End of discussion.


Draenei female is the only decent looking shaman for alliance.
dwarf, of course!
It all depends.

Which is better? The woman who can act like 'one of the boys' but at the same time still retain that identity of 'woman?'

Or the exotic foreigner with curves that defy rational thought and you should probably feel ashamed of being attracted to her?
Pretty sure the stat bonus is hit for draenei and maces for dwarf.
draenei all the way
Why is this even a question...
Femdwarf obviously.
I've got one of each.
Draenei, just skip as much as you can of their starting zone.

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