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I was just wondering what is are best stats for pvp? What should we reforge to? And how should we gem?
I'll just give a brief post since SO many MWs do not correctly get this:

[Spirit] >
[Resil ~60%] >
PVP Power >
Int >
Crit >
Mastery 5.0 / Haste 5.1 (~3150 cap) >
Haste 5.0 / Mastery 5.1

Really the top stat is PVP Power, each 320 gem increases healing by about 1%.

You can't heal without mana, so spirit becomes more important until around 8.5k IMO, not including Jade Spirit's proc or the Darkmoon trinket if one uses that. So I stack around 7.4k with the Relic of Chi Ji.

Also, you can't heal when you're dead, so resil should be at 60%, or 58% with honor gear. Really it should be at 62% with our squishiness, but we are depending on skill, awareness, proper use of cooldowns to stay alive and to stack other stats.

When you gem spirit, which you need to do, you are losing gem slots for pvp power, which can only be obtained by gems.

Therefore, buying pvp gear with spirit and an additional bad stat such as mastery or haste is always worth it, because more spirit from gear allows more pvp power from gems.

All secondary stats besides pvp power and resil are exactly the same for PVE MWs. So right now in 5.0, spirit > int > crit > mastery > haste. We should only gem int with orange, purple gems to get our socket bonuses, which are actually very good. Regarding haste in 5.0, you will definitely hit the 1350 cap with pvp gear without trying to. Get rid of all haste, then get rid of all mastery.

In 5.1 it could be a personal preference whether or not to hit the ~3150 haste cap, though I am planning to do it and purchasing conq gear with that in mind. That is also when our enchant for gloves will go from mastery to haste.

Common mistakes I see:
- People sitting at 3k haste and NOT REFORGING whatsoever.
- People sitting at like 6% crit, also NOT REFORGING to crit.
- People gemming all pvp power and sitting at 5k spirit. As people debate in the PVE MW threads, which by the way we definitely should be reading, more mana means we can use more expensive heals when needed, even too much mana means we can glyph uplift, so therefore "there is never too much mana." Really there is though, since in PVP we can drink, stack mana tea in BGs, and so forth, so having 5% extra healing from 1600 pvp power is huge when we don't need 1600 of that spirit.
- NOT having a Relic of Chi Ji. 1157 int > 1223 pvp power, first off. Pvp power > int when gemming because you choose between 160 int and 320 pvp power. If it was between 310 int and 320 pvp power, int would definitely be better. In addition, you receive the equivalent of 1345 spirit from Relic of Chi Ji (, which is huge, and which leaves room for pvp power gems as explained earlier. You will be able to upgrade Relic of Chi Ji +8 ilvls with valor points, which we have no use for as pvpers, thereby saving 1500 conq points from a 2nd trinket's upgrade. Not to mention, having a PVE trinket saves 1750 conq in the first place, thereby allowing other gear and upgrades. Should a 2nd pvp trinket ever be better than Relic of Chi Ji, for example (in 2-3 months) a +8 ilvl upgraded on-use conq trinket when we have too much spirit, then we only lose some gold in the investment. Overall there is no valid argument against Relic of Chi Ji even without the human racial bonus (except not having gold, which is fine).

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