New Zealand/Aus 7hours a week 6/6 3/6 1/4 LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for a few more raiders for MOP raids. Mature, skilled and fun bunch of Kiwis!

Raiding is:

Friday nights 7:30pm till 11:30pm New Zealand Time which is
Friday nights 5:30 to 9:30pm Australian East Coast Time which is
Thursday nights 10:30pm till 2:30am Server Time (PST) UTC-8 hours.

Starting 2013 we are adding the following raid slot:

Saturday afternoons 1pm till 4pm New Zealand Time which is
Saturdays 11am till 2pm Australian East Coast Time which is
Fridays 4pm till 7pm Server Time.

Looking for people who are awesome players but don't necessarily want to raid everyday. Alts are OK provided you can play your class exceptionally well.

I used to be a guild and raid leader for many years clearing all hard mode content up to ICC (WoTLK) before stepping down from 4 days a week raiding.
Since then I have played 9 characters through all normal mode content.

This team is inside a level 25 guild on Blackrock that is a hardcore 10man raiding guild (
To join their hardcore team (very limited spaces) you must apply on the website.

If you want to play "casually hardcore" with us, PM me interest and class/spec and raiding history.
Free guild repairs and all other perks!
Server is always busy, you can find groups for anything at any time.
Some of the worlds top guilds on this server.
Big Oceanic player base.

My Btag is thespoot#1777 or MSG "Nkalakatha" ingame.

Currently in high demand are:

Tank(non Monk)

If your a good player, I can probably make something work.

Current Progression:

6/6 MV
3/6 HoF
1/4 TOES
Rogue DPS or Hunter

Meow ? :P

Msg me ingame mate!

We got 2 heals now - a 3rd would be good. DPS OS prefered.

We also need a DPS - HUNTER or Rogue or even Ret :)
Still looking.
Could use more.
6/6 in MV Now.

Could use Monk Heals / Rogue or Hunter.
Hey there,

I'm a MOP raid-ready resto druid (main, balance OS) who is currently looking for a new guild. I'm obviously Alliance but wlling to make the switch for the right raid group.

I'm fairly new to raiding (only played WOW for a bit over year) but I was the main healer for my previous guild for several months before MOP. We got through all the normal DS bosses after 2 weeks and had started on heroics when MOP dropped (which put raiding in Cata on the back-burner).

I have invested a large amount of time perfecting my toon and making sure I understand all the ins-and-outs of druid healing. I'm also on top of gemming and enchanting and make sure I run my LFRs each week for gear.

I have always put a great deal of effort into watching videos etc. to make sure I understand the fights and am happy to participate in strategy discussions when faced with a tough boss.

I enjoy helping others get geared and have always been an active participant in guild activities raid related or otherwise. I made countless flasks for the battle cauldron recipe last year.

Let me know if a druid is the sort of healer you could work with.
Yep sounds good mate.

Contact me ingame for a chat :)

Update in requirements:

We now have a tank spot available due to RL commitments changing for one of the tanks.
Need a Tank ASAP now.
A non monk tank needed!
Garalon kill is close!

Need a tank.
Garalon dead.

Steady progress.

Still need more.
1/4 ToES now too.

Possible that we move to 2 nights a week in 2013.
Have added a second raid slot on Saturdays NZ time.

A tank is is high demand!
Still need a tank
A non monk tank would be great :)

No hunter either.
Still need a TANK ASAP.

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