LFM PvP'ers, RBG's and World PvP.

This server has very few talented players. I'm trying to find the real players who want to venture farther then the Alliance. I constantly PvP day in day out. Looking to open my friends list to the few who want to join me and my friends. We are stuck at 1600 CR for RBG's and it sucks. Win one game i get 5 points and lose another to retreat 20. I'm getting into world PvP more on this server and ready to stomp those who try and retaliate. Guards are unbalanced and rushing Storwwind who take a well raid of 40 to be successful. As of now we contain a good group of at least 6-10 fully geared players slaughtering hundreds of Alliance in Goldshire. I am a Resto druid and will be the leader or a good friend. Any more info or are ready to join my friendship add my battletag. Primused#1424. Please be open to TeamSpeak. Way better sound quality than Vent. I would like to hear from any and all. Thanks!!!!

The Stats and gear we are looking for consists of at least full dreadful and 56+ Res/27+power. If you don't have the weapon that's fine and is simple to get with help.
If you need a Shadow Priest and Mage for RBG's my friend and I would gladly join you. We're looking for people to RBG's with but not many do it on this server unfortunately.
I'm definitely down for some arenas and RBG. I'm shu#1604. When do you guys normally run RBG? I'm in need of a 3s team as well.
Im a pvp addict add me for RBG’s OR ARENA. I have PVP gear too.
Come Alliance side and join bg raiders, we would love more members for our RBG team!
Nah Judgement I dont think they got what it takes to PVP. Any geek can PVE : P
O for the record Primused has been destroyed to many times to count by BGR so.........
I don't have a preference for which faction, but I'd very much like to find a good PvP guild that does RBGs frequently.
BGR 2-3 times a week and all guildies get arena capped your welcome to join
between primused and natana leading the pvp charge on each faction, we are unstoppable
Warlock here who is very willing to do RBGs if you need me!
just send primused a ingame pst shes always dtBG and if you ask her nicely dtdp ^^;

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