Tricks of Our Trade: Sheevah/Heartcrusher2016

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His orb adds 100% damage.
The opponents orb adds 870% damage(actually, I think it just keeps going up). <.<
Fkin' wizards, man. s_s
My giant cat flies away during Garalon. I automatically think of Nyan Cat when I see this.
/saved from the second page
Fffffff man. Help.
My time is ending Dec 3rd but, I want to get exalted with Dominance Offensive.

I'm am currently really tempted to add a month. >.<

How churlish can you get? Seriously. >_>

I'm practically giving these decks away as it is.

Edit: Oh yeah, hit another goal.

Grossed 1m gold in 30 days. :)
That is overpowered, Verelyse.
Just a... hypothetically speaking as none of us would partake is such a thing, of course - How much would you sell that gold for? <.<
No idea what the going price on gold is. I've never bought or sold it and have no intention of ever doing so, and I gave away as much as I'm going to at the end of Cataclysm. Basically if I don't see Invincible's Reins on the BMAH before my account runs out then Verelyse will have a very luxurious retirement. :3
Vere, do me a favor before you quit. Change your hair color back to black.
How come?
Black ponytail is the best hairstyle/color combination ever!

Though, I really like the dark green on my Night Elf. :P
12/01/2012 07:57 AMPosted by Verelyse
How come?

...I have my reasons.

I'm a dog. I'm color blind. I see all these blood elves with white hair. How can I tell my blood elf out of the group.
Taken care of. :)

I'll also hit the gold cap again in 40 minutes, three more trinket decks sold while I was doing LFR.

Guess the easiest thing will be to send it all to my druid and park him at the BMAH.
I don't want to go to work. It's going to be dead and the waitresses will be whining about getting no tips.

I've got a tip for them. A three inch wide tip.

But just the tip. I am a gentleman after all.
The 5.1 herb/mining node changes are funny. The cost of herbs and ore have practically doubled here.

And the trillium situation is borderline unmentionable.
I'm bored.

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