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Wyrmrest Accord
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I'm thankful for people who are understanding, and who believe in me even when I feel at my worst.
There are many things for me to be thankful for, and to attempt to name them all would be absurd. I will name some, however.

Katecia: You're right about it being an interesting time. I know I'm not always easy to deal with, and we've had our ups and downs, but I like to think that we make it manage. You've helped me in more ways that I feel entirely comfortable admitting to even myself. Thanks for everything.

My Guild: I originally followed Kat in, but have since made it home for my own reasons. You're great people, and I hope for many happy seasons to follow.

This Server: Ever since I started, I'd always been on PvP or PvE servers. I thought RP was a lost art on WoW, then around the time Cataclysm launched I heard that there was actually roleplay on Wyrmrest. Finding myself with no attachments to my old server, I quickly transferred my main over. It was a gamble, sure, but I like to believe that I was dealt a winning hand that day. I see myself being here for the foreseeable future.

Everyone Else: All of you, even the people I don't know yet, or don't really like. Without you, this world would not be what it is. Someone out there is glad to have you around, never forget that. Keep on, people.
I am thankful for my guild...and this server in general for all that you all do, even the alliance (gasp). I'm mostly thankful that they let me stab them repeatedly in BG's but that is neither here or there.

I do love you all...Happy Turkey (or in my case, prime rib) Day!
I'm thankful to have my lovely fiance in my life, who is wonderful and understanding and can banter with me with the best of them.

I'm thankful to have a job that I am good at and pays me enough to get by on, and that my awful manager-from-Incompetent-Land got the boot after three years of incompetent-ing our call center to hell.

I'm thankful that I have people who are supportive of me, in spite of my sometimes falter-y ability to be around people.

I'm thankful to be sound of mind and body.

I'm so, so, SO thankful to have a car again!



I am thankful to be alive to protect those I care about. I am thankful that those I care about, still exist to protect.
I am thankfull for the doctors and nurses at cook childrens hospital.

4 times now they have saved the life of my kids. Once when my daughter was born 10 weeks premature, with barely functional lungs and a birth weight less than 3 pounds. Next when my son was born 7 weeks premature due to my uterus rupturing, he became very ill had surgery at 3 weeks old and was in the hospital for 5 months. A third time when my son had a hernia ( from his first surgery ) at 1 year old. And finally just last week. My son ( who is now 2 ) was having trouble breathing, had a fever over 103, wouldnt eat or drink a thing. I took him to their er and found out he had pnemonia. He was admitted and got released yesterday.

I am also thankfull for my mother in law, yes mother in law :)
She is a wonderfull rock for my family. I can always call her for help anytime of the day, she takes care of my kids while im at work so I dont have to pay for daycare and my kids adore her.

Without these people in my life or my kids life, things would have turned out very different for my family.
I am thankful that I found a new purpose.
I am thankful that I have had the chance to meet so many new friends these past few months, and to experience a new continent full of ancient and wondrous legends and lore, and to be a part of it's coming legend for generations to come.

Also the money, I like the money. It jingles nicely in my pockets.

I'm thankful I got pulled back into the game, to find new people to play with, and experience what I've found to be the best expansion thus far. To still have a home in which to play the game. To have a beautiful and wonderful girlfriend who said yes when I proposed last month, and to knowing I have a chance at living some of my dreams from when I was a young boy.
I am thankful to God for a big family to love and cook for. Having most of the kids home for the holidays brings the house alive. I am thankful we still have our home during this financially hard time. I am thankful for the beauty of this world that I live in. I am recovering from a broken right ankle and broken left arm, and don't get out much, but when I CAN make it out to the front porch I love to just sit and look and listen. The birds are so cheery and happy at the bird feeders, the squirrels are cute, and my little town is so peaceful and quiet, the church on the corner plays bells at 9, 12, and 5 everyday. And the sky--so blue! You can tell I have cabin fever can't you?!
Most of all, I am thankful that God loves and cares for me everyday.
Good luck to all, I hope you all get something you can use/love/freak out on! See you ingame!
Quick question, do we need to be present to win a prize? Still clocking time in for NaNo.
11/21/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Madican
Quick question, do we need to be present to win a prize? Still clocking time in for NaNo.

Yes, I will ask that folks be present during the drawing, because while I'm happy to host, I really would prefer that this not drag out over hours/days/etc trying to get in contact with people to give prizes. Sorry!
I'm thankful for very many things, including healthy family, home and happiness, a loving girlfriend, being the MT of my raiding guild, all my wonderful friends, and this awesome transmog set I have. :3

I am, however, not very thankful that I'll have to miss this for raid. But I like raiding regardless.

Goodluck to you folks who're entered in, and props on the giveaway!
I'm happy for a roof over my head. The last couple years have been trying, and I've never really needed to worry over something like that before in my currently-extended life. Even though they drive me up a wall, I'm grateful for my family for taking me in after a big !@#$fest and helping me semi-stay on my feet.

And I'm thankful for WrA and my guild for making this a welcome home. I don't think I would've continued on WoW after late last year without an awesome community to be part of. Fellow Accordians, thank you.

Enjoy Turkey Day, folks.
I'm thankful for my job, having a roof over my head, and a wonderful family to come home to.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Also thankful that Twinkies will be saved after all. \o/
I am thankful for my family, which have been awesome and supporting (especially my husband), I'm thankful for the awesome friends I have in WoW. I'm thankful for having a roof over my head when so many don't, and I'm thankful that I will be able to spend some time with friends and family tomorrow. I'm also thankful that I get to leave my son with my parents and get some time alone with my husband. -coughs-

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
I am thankful for many things that we take for granted every day - a job, a roof over my head, my wonderful girlfriend, my family, etc. etc. I am thankful especially for all the wonderful people in my guild who put up with my shenanigans and terrible jokes. I may put up a strong front (or maybe I don't), but I consider those guys a second family, people I can turn to when I need to talk about things that are important to me or hard to handle alone. I probably don't say that enough, or express it well enough - so thank you all, and I am thankful to have you and your support.

Oh, and I am also thankful for chocolate chip cookies. Couldn't be all super serious for the whole thing, now could I?
A location would probably be good. Give away will commence in about 25 mins, in the Valley of Honor, just up the hill from the hot air balloon. :D See you all there!
I am super thankful that I have GREAT friends who understand me and my need to be geeky all the time.

I am super thankful of the GREAT people I've met on this server (on both sides), but most of all my raid team members that made me feel at home right away on our first run together.

I am thankful that I've had the joy, pleasure and incredible luck of meeting wonderful people from all over this crazy world through this game.

I'm also thankful that I have a good job that allows me to play this game every month.

I'm thankful for my friends, who stick around when I'm at my worst and don't judge me for my quirks, because without them I would have gone completely insane by now.

Even if I kinda hate it, I'm also glad to have found a stable job in California so I can stay here and live comfortably.
I *would* have an abrupt issue involving making friends with the porcelain god and missing the giveaway. :( Alas.

I hope it went off without a hitch!

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