(15/16HM)YMT Late Night Raiding!

Raid tonight! Still recruiting!
Farm night today. Should be streaming
Keeping this bumped is annoying D:
Still recruiting! http://math.enjin.com/
BOOOOOM! Heroic amber shaper dead.

Nod to Vox who got it before us. Happy to see you guys still in it!

3 more bosses than we are DONE!
Apparently, from what I hear....if you throw yourself at a boss long enough it dies!
HC Shek Zeer soon!
Still recruiting! :)
13/16 more to come soon! We be streaming too
Finishing farm tonight and then on to Hc Shek Zeer! We will throw our bodies at the boss and it will die
Shek zeer tonight! Still recruiting! Looking for ranged dps and healers
Still looking for healers and ranged dps! More shek zeer Sunday
Still recruiting! Need all you healers and dps.
More Shek zeer tomorrow night! Might be streaming
Shek Zeer tonight! Progression :D
Still recruiting healers and ranged dps!
Expecting a heroic shek zeer kill soon! Looking for healers and ranged dps
No streaming anymore? What else am I supposed to do after raid?
Yeah I dont know whats up with that? Should be streaming this weekend
Need to update. We are 14/16 HC now with Shek Zeer down

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