Downloading wow

I am downloading wow on my laptop just now to play mop as i have it installed on my desktop aswell but the down loader is acting up.

Sometimes the bar doesn't move or the percentage downloaded beside the play button doesn't move. The total download remaining still goes down which is a good thing though. Also my kb/s goes right down sometimes and even disappears! I close and re-open it which works sometimes but then it just acts up again. The total download remaining always goes down though.

any help to this would be appreciated thanks
I don't think it's a problem, since the remaining is decreasing.
And the KB/s acting is normal I think, it happens to me, tho i don't touch it, and leave it like it's.
try the technical help forums.
Sequence and Hokay

Yeah I just left it to do its own thing, all up and running now thanks anyway guys

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