what is the best spec for the shaman in MoP???
Enhancement is fun in PvP every 3 minutes. And that's if your opponents are derp and don't CC you the whole time Ascendance is up. Elemental has issues with max range exploiting, since you have to chose between Frost Shock and your Lava Burst actually doing half-decent damage. Oh and there's no more penalty for dispelling Flame Shock.

Resto is the clear choice for PvP, since it has 1000 cooldowns now when you're not CC'd.

Which is like 10% of the time.
As a ret paladin, the only class/spec I have had difficulties with 1v1 have been enhance shamans.

I also play an enhance/elemental shaman on horde for fun.
To be honest who should care which is good or bad it's what is fun for you
I believe secret option number 3. Resto.
Hey... Orris is in VVN now? When did this happen? Why am I just now noticing?

02/13/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Terrancce
it's what is fun for you
Hey... Orris is in VVN now? When did this happen? Why am I just now noticing?

it's what is fun for you

1. According to Guildox since 2/2/13, so two weeks ago.


2. Elemental will most likely just get focused down in arenas, it can work in RBGs though.
Elemental and Enhancement are easy focus targets. They always have been, but especially now since totems are affected by blanket silences.
I've played every spec and the one that I have the most fun with is Enhancement. It's the hardest for PvP as you're constantly in Melee range, but to me it's the most rewarding. Ele can brutalize, and Resto is high in demand. In all honesty, just play whatever spec you like the most.

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