Austwow(25) recruiting heals and rdps

Hi All

Austwow are a small casual 10man raiding guild and have been raiding casualy since early Wrath however after a break since cataclysm we are in a position of needing to recruit heals and range dps for in guild challenge modes and 10man raiding.

Applicants must be over 18, Minimum of heroic dungeon gear, gemmed and chanted, must have vent and be able to listen to instructions.

We are not accepting Tank applicants at this time.

Our guild, while small is very active in battlegrounds, arena & old school raids so all spots are for core will not be sitting around benched in our guild.

We are friendly and welcome players that havnt gained much experience raiding current content.

Raid times are Wednesday Friday and Saturday nights at 9PM-12.

Pst Sicnicstree or mail ingame if we sound like a good fit for you.

I am very interested, so far done 6/6 MV on my main, may i inquire as to what is the raid composition in terms of healing right now?
Hey All

Heals and range spots have now been filled.

We still have 1 spot available for a core melee DPS...pst ingame or leave a message on the forums if interested.

Bump ^ also 1 heals cant make it so we have 1 heals spot still open, just to specify RAID TIMES ARE SERVER TIME. Please consider this before applying.
Guild level is pretty irrelevant, as it is assumed most raid guilds are already level 25.
I'd suggest removing the (25) from the title or including ten man somewhere in it so people don't get confused.
Bump, still waiting on title change to include 10-man... Please Sic when you aren't busy with work ;)
Bump, due to recent departures opening up spots to heals, melee dps and ranged dps. Core already taken are as follows:

Main tank: guardian Druid
Off tank: Death Knight
Ranged: Hunter, (o/s shaman)
Heals: Preist, (shaman)
Melee: Warrior

Depending on who is interested the shaman healer is also the warrior so composition can be shifted. If you are interested please post or contact one of us in game.

Bump, casuals also welcome, please change title to 10m sic :)
Figure I will bump this again to see if anyone is interested, mainly require heals but will consider anyone interested if we can accomodate.

Hi there.
Would like to express my interest in your guild and raid times.

-Previously raided hard core in WotLK, 16-20 hours a week, almost exclusively melee (rogue), took a break through Cata..
-Experience healing and tanking normal and hardmodes throughout WotLK, saw the end of Cata..
-Experienced Raid and Guild leader
-60-80FPS in raid, fast-reliable internet
-Vent and skype, working mic
-30 years old, mature, dedicated, resourceful, quick learner

Your raid times work PERFECT for my schedule. Please get back to me so we can talk more. Thanks for the time.


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