Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting

<Eloquent> Is a Is a new up an coming guild on the server Cenarius looking for members to consist of our 10 man raiding guild, We are a late night raiding guild looking for members who can raid late night early morning. Our players have been around a long time and know that many great players just simply can’t raid anymore being that there times don’t fit, we’re hoping to be that fit. Our raid times are 10:30pm-1:30am server on Weds/Thurs and the occasional Monday.

Eloquent is a borderline Casual to Semi Hard Core guild, We expect you to come to raids prepared knowing fights, Bringing Potions, Pre potting on boss fights, We Expect you to contribute to discussions and bring what is expected to the average raid. Prepare for raids , If you don’t share the same philosophy’s this probably isn’t the place for you. We expect everyone to turn up on time but we understand we all have a real life and won’t scold you for having a real life any everything that goes with it. We are just planning to have a good raid week without the worries of dkp or endless wipes that cause drama and loss of fun we are here to have a good time and get some loot while doing it.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in contact by either posting a reply on here, or searching for our characters


Look forward to hearing from you.

Need Melee DPS

I'll answer any questions you have

Add my Battle tag @ Bourani#1131

Look forward to hearing from you.
Still need Melee DPS, Contact in-game or on forums,
Bump still looking.

Still need a OT contact in game for more info or add my battletag Bourani#1131
I like were this is going.
Still searching
I threw a wish down a well.
Could you use a healer? Looking to find a new home for my pally. I also have a mage I'm working on gearing as well

Looking for RDPS, healer and a tank, Any questions feel free to post on forums or ask a guildie in game.

GL in your search.

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