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Hello, I have been doing some research on the new chromebook from google. The laptop seems great except one thing; it won't be able to support my beloved World of Warcraft. So my question is... Blizzard will you be working on a version of WoW that will run on the new Google OS?
Because the details are a little sketchy than you have to take a few guesses, and if Android is anything to go by than Chrome OS is Linux-based. People have been asking for a Linux client pretty much since the game came out, and you can see how far those requests have gotten.

Beyond that, not a single Chromebook that I've been able to find details on meets the minimum system requirements for WoW. At least one Chromeboxes (desktop versions) does, but I would doubt that the graphics hardware they include would make for a decent in-game experience (I suspect it uses the integrated Intel GMA3000 as found on any other Sandy Bridge chip).
your going to have to put your chrome book in developer mode then install a normal linux distro then install wine. if you want to play wow on it.
I doubt blizzard will support chromebook. Even though there is many linux users who use wine to play wow. And we are getting thousands of new linux users every single day. Blizzard has yet made a linux version. I think it's because blizzard made a pack with microsoft.

Because bill gates who no longer works with microsoft and now is working in advance toilet business (look it up) (bill gates & toilet).. He was buddies with Steve Jobs... Apple/mac.. And that is my theory why mac is supported.

So in that case.. Being I worked many years (12) for, and with bill gates.. blizzard should support linux. Bill knew me better than Steve.

But we gain some new linux investors which is good.

While the public beta of the Steam Linux client is about to start very soon, the list of Steam games for Linux is uninterruptedly growing. Apart of the long-known games for Linux, such as World of Goo or Darwinia, new very successful titles like Serious Sam 3 or Killing Floor have been marked as Linux compatible in the Steam's game database recently. At the moment the Steam game list includes 28 games supporting Linux.

For those who missed it, the public beta testing of the Steam Linux client is intended to be started this month, while the number of participants will initially be limited to 1000. Also, at the beginning, only Ubuntu 12.04 is going to be supported. For all of you who could hardly await the release of Steam for Linux, there is a way to run Steam on Linux using CrossOver or even enjoy a great game collection natively on Desura in the meanwhile.
The fact of the matter is not that many people actually use Linux(game wise) for Blizzard to take more than a slightly interested look at making a Linux client. The same logic would apply for Google's OS; it is not profitable enough. Also certain people should practice their grammar before claiming that Bill Gates knows/knew you better than Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is not working in a toilet industry he is offering a reward through his charity for an idea that helps bring better sewage storage, treatment and removal technology to places that current tech isn't suited for (i.e: 3rd world countries that do not have an abundance of water). Finally; 12 years? Obviously not in the 80s or 90s would you have been working with or under Bill Gates due to horrible grammar, and spelling. So if in the 2000s you were working with Microsoft and in your own words, "for, and with Bill Gates." I am sure this theory would have came up in conversation before. Therefore it is an elaborate ruse by an internet troll and despite having fallen for its tricks, I shall continue to post.
As of august 2012 84 percent of all computers run windows of some flavor. 12 percent of all computers run MAC OS, 3 percent of computers run A UNIX based OS that is including servers. For home use its more like less then 2 percent. and 1 percent is other o/s. Basicly it is anot cost effective to design or build a linux based launcher
I believe those percentages of other OS's are so low because nobody can play their favorite games without Windows OS or adding Wine onto Linux. Too much trouble, so ppl. just keep dealing with the hassle & cost of Windows.
I ro have a new google chromebook, and wow will not run on it nor any other game i play
Chromebook, is a good machine if one does internet browsing, checking email. An so forth. Anything beyond that, not really. Because the OS of chromebook is a linux based browser. But also, many chromebooks have no hard drive. They have a sort of drive to hold the chrome os, but not much more. If you want to save a picture, you either have to save it on a usb drive, or google drive which is internet based.

In the future I believe google will expand that. Because there is a market they are missing with not having a fully developed operating system. The current way is nice for internet stuff or watching youtube, but if you plan on using it outside the internet. You are very limited. If google does decided to make a full OS, they should not intertwine it with everything google. Sort of like Microsoft with bing and MSN, that is where they messed up. When stuff from a company is always shoved in my face, I get sick of it and stop using it all together. I will rewrite then entire coding myself without the MSN or bing in it. I rewrote a portion of windows 7 removing Internet explorer completely out of the OS. I had to rewrite it so that updates still work, because microsoft had it all integrated with windows 7. You could disable IE, but there is still traces of ie in the background, even if not used. I also put my old windows vista email client back into windows 7 because windows live email blows cookies.

So we'll see, I've tested chromium out many times before it's handed over to google where they add their own little google icons and stuff. And they always seem like, they want to hear what you say and your point of view on the issue, willing to try this and that. Only time can tell what makes of it. Could be dropped all together completely, never know. I do know, chromebooks sell like rice cakes. But usually it's a market for only people who do no gaming or video editing. Many older people would be good enough with just that setup, still can save a few things on a external drive.

There is two people today when comes to windows 8. Those who love it, and those who hate it. Myself, I consider it slow and clunky. I do not like the fancy stuff that makes the cpu work harder. I like to get there right now, 15 seconds ago. So you will have people who love it and hate it. With that said, some will not upgrade, while others may go to mac, linux, or, chromebook. Windows 7 just about everyone liked, same goes with xp. It's no longer a confined market, where everyone is directed through the same gate, rather a fence with many gates.
1. Please don't necro old threads.

2. No. It won't work.
i posted on wowhead, "wow chromebook how to:" and its a full guide, if you have any questions just post them, i check it daily usually. Im not sure why people say it doesnt work when they havent tried it....
I believe those percentages of other OS's are so low because nobody can play their favorite games without Windows OS or adding Wine onto Linux. Too much trouble, so ppl. just keep dealing with the hassle & cost of Windows.

What hassle & cost are you talking about. Windows systems are cheaper and more powerful and everything works on them!?
Why can't i play please update please

The Google Chromebook runs on the Google Chrome OS, which is an unsupported operating system. WoW currently only supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.7.x and up. Also, the hardware in Google Chromebooks is not really intended for gaming.
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