<BOOSH> LF 1 TANK(plate)

<BOOSH> is a 10man guild, currently trying to fill our core raid spots. We are currently 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 HoF. we are looking for someone who can show up to raids consistently. We are in need of 1 plate TANK pref a paladin but we're not too picky as long as they are plate wearers, considering the other tank is a monk.

Our current raid times are WED/SUN 7ST for about 4 hours depending on how we are doing that day. If you have any questions or are interested please leave a comment or pst me in-game.

453ilvl prot pally here I am interested hope to hear from you soon!
looking for 1 DPS now (lock/shaman/rogue)
IF need mage let me know ingame
Bump? :)
still looking for a warlock or a shaman dps!!!!
LF a plate tank that can come WED/SUN/MON 7ST
471 bloodknight, interested in getting back into raiding after having taken a break from hardcore raiding at the end of cata.
looking for DPS mage/lock
and 1 healer pref (shaman/pally)
I have a reso/ele sham 477ilvl with 6/6 1/6h msv and 3/6 hof. however i wouldn't be able to make it on until 8-9 server one wednesday a month due to school
still looking
need 1 plate tank

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