<Xen of Onslaught> 10 man recruitment

Xen of Onslaught <12/12> is currently recruiting players for our 10 man progression group.

We are looking for raiders who are mature and can take heroic progression seriously. Current raid nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7-11 pm server time. Raiders are expected to bring their own flasks and potions. Feasts are often provided but we will occasionally require our raiders to use 300 stat food for progression so it is required to have said food with you for raids.

There is generally at least a two week trial period for all recruits during which time you may be passed over for loot in favor of established raiders. The trial period may also be shortened or lengthened by the officers.

Class needs: As of 4/8/13

Tank: Open
DK: High
Monk: Low
Pally: High
Warr: High

Melee: Open
DK: Low
Druid: Low
Monk: Low
Pally: Med
Shaman: Low
Warr: Med

Ranged: Open
Druid: Med
Hunter: Med
Mage: Low
Priest: High
Shaman: Low
Lock: High

Healer: Open
Druid: Low
Pally: Med
Shaman: Med

We are primarily in need of of a plate tanking class, as well as a dps that can fill in for a healer when the need arises. A ret/holy paladin being ideal

Interested individuals may register an account and then apply here:

Any questions can be directed to any of the following officers.

In game contacts:
Kaelmista (Kaelmist)
Kuulin (btag: Kuulin#1631)
Updated for recruitment going into 5.2.
Welcome to Sargeras (Alliance)!
Heheh, thanks! It was getting lonely on the other side. :(

Still recruiting, especially ranged dps.
Updated, we are in are in need of a restoration shaman that can play elemental as an off specialization.
Up we go.
Updated for a new round of recruitment.
I'm available for tomorrows raid night if you want to try me out. The thing is I am a Hpally with a DPS OS (503/485 holy/ret).

If you're interested in getting to know a bit more about me heres a link to my thread.

Also I'll be available throughout the day to talk.

How are you liking the Alliance side?
511 Blood DK 12/12N and 1/13 H if you guys are still in need of a plate wearing tank.
@Jeriziah I sent you a battle tag request and I will make sure Kael and Zath know so we can get you in this week.

@Jerdatank I accepted you request and same deal, I'll make sure Kael and Zath know to try and get you in asap.

And I've enjoyed alliance a lot so far Digerati. :D I do miss horde as well though. :|
Digerati, grats on the invincible mount! Alliance has been fun, but I miss horde too. We all probably do hehe, but trying to recruit at the end of cata made us learn...

Lesson number 1:


There is no such thing....
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8729062993 mondays are a !@#$% for us but we can make due

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