How do I choose armor??

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I think it's that you're focused on the wrong stat. As stated before, armor doesn't give you health, stamina does. That said, agility is the stat you really want, because that's the one that makes the things die faster.

Wearing all leather also gives you a boost to your agility stat, so don't go for any of that cloth! Spirit and Intellect are useless stats for you, so don't go for those either.



Open your character portrait that shows you wearing your armor, click the arrow to fly out the stats that are next to it. Mouse over the stats and see what bonuses they provide.

Look to ensure your armor has Agility on it ( get rid of all that spirit, intellect stuff now ).

You will then want to look at the secondary stats, dependant on what it is you may want to change it at the reforger. You want to have your Hit up and Expertise. Hit will lower the chance of you missing hitting the enemy and Expertise will lower the chance that the enemy can dodge your attacks.

Try reading the Noxxic guides, while not always 100% correct, they give you a great idea on how to figure out what stats are good for you like this one for example:
If you use add-ons one that works Relatively well is called PAWN. It will put Green up arrows on upgrades and give you suggestions on when to pick a reward to vendor/DE.

By no means is it the best at min/max-ing But its a good tool when leveling to help with gear choices.
I cannot thank you all enough for this. This is the info I've needed for a while now. I thought armor was health, and that stamina, agility, etc. was for different attack moves. Now I know better. And yes, a lot of my leveling was from dungeons. I've tried to keep it varied so I didn't burn out on questing.

Damn, I'm getting excited to play again! Feels good! :D

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